Monday, April 30, 2018

An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

In the latest episode of Mob Talk SitDown, George Anastasia and Dave Schratweiser discuss why Skinny Joey Merlino decided last week to cop a plea in New York.

The two ace crime reporters also discuss a couple of pending federal investigations into gambling and drugs, and what it means for the Philadelphia mob.


  1. The word is these morons are in big trouble. Word on the street is these clowns are looking at murder indictments and drug indictments!

  2. I hear this guy's are looking at murder indictments and drug indictments

  3. These guys just don't get it! They take in undercover FBI agents. Last indictment Uncle Joe ligambi taking undercover FBI agents as well.What Morons.

    1. Any one with moola they will let join their roofers with suits gang. They are tbe mist uneducated bunch of goofs Iv ever seen. So desperate for money to show off...its so sad and the ones they are trying to impress laugh their asses off. These girls will never bother with them once they go away. It's coming they all got their letters from the FBI
      It's.all a.matter of time. So to all you kiss asses you better stock up on those pens and paper. Pen Pal suckers.

  4. Phil Narducci is the only guy with any brains!! In the Philly mob

  5. Phil Narducci is 100% Gangster!

  6. Phil Narducci is the real deal!

  7. Phil Narducci has the backing off New York.


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