Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Trial On With State College's Morning Guys

He's Moved On From Dealing Cocaine To Pay-To-Play
Scandal-plagued Penn State University has just elected scandal-plagued Mark Dambly as chairman of its board of trustees.

Isn't that great? The July 19th radio interview about Dambly can be heard here. The July 20th radio interview can be heard here.

 “When I was young, I made some mistakes. I deeply regret those actions," Dambly said. "I’ve learned from those mistakes, and I’ve moved on to live a productive life, both personally and professionally."

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  1. Again Ralph, a very good interview with Jeff on July 20th. This was open and honest dialogue that Pennsylvanians are starving for. Starving because our so-called newspapers and "politicians" won't ask these same logical questions about corruption on the PSU BoT.

    While interviewing you, the one point that Jeff kept returning to was those that gave their vote to Mark Dambly are implicating themselves in this corruption cover-up within the board---they are complicit. And interestingly, those that walked out on Lubrano as he spoke honestly about board transparency, are showing themselves to be the actual ringleaders of this corruption and deception.

    What kind of Governor is Tom Wolf that he would ignore all of this deception on the PSU BoT? What kind of Attorney General is Josh Shapiro that he too would ignore the election of former cocaine dealer Mark Dambly as board chairman?

    Hey Josh Shapiro, here's your REAL "opioid crisis" in Mark Dambly---stop protecting your minions, and do your job before you too get put under a federal microscope. Or perhaps it's more important to you to receive some more "donations" from Dambly through the dirty slush fund called Race Street PAC? Tell us more about this Race Street PAC Josh. Yeah, that's the ticket, it's just a "political action committee" right? Yeah, that's it, a political action committee!

  2. Capretto actually has education experience in his background. This is a farce. Lubert and psu attorney walking out on Lubrano disgusted me.

  3. I read a good moment somewhere....Lubrano should email his speech to those that left the meeting.

  4. The theory of the wire must be the reason, no business person or public figure would open themselves up to all this scrutiny, unless of course they were promised no scrutiny by the mainstream media.

    Had he been a politician or union leader it would have been plastered all over every media outlet. Is it just the Inky that is ignoring his past or is it state wide ?

  5. You know, it just occurred to me that Ira Lubert and Mark Dambly have both ignored the Number One cardinal-rule of their industry---always build on a solid foundation. Their lives have been built on sand.

    "Do you see these great buildings? I tell you the truth, not one stone shall be left standing here upon another".


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