Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Syndicated Columnist Rips "Rape Faker" Billy Doe And Rolling Stone For Promoting "Rape Culture Propaganda At Any Cost"

By Ralph Cipriano

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Rolling Stone obviously aren't going to do anything to correct the fake news story they've promulgated about "Billy Doe."

He's the lying, scheming altar boy who falsely claimed he was raped as a child by two priests and a schoolteacher, and has since been outed as a fraud.

But today, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin ripped Billy Doe as a "rape faker," and Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the author of a fraudulent 2011 Rolling Stone story about Billy as a "lying liar with a laptop." Malkin also took Rubin's "progressive editors" at Rolling Stone to task for promoting "'rape culture' propaganda at any cost."

The entire column tying the U.Va. scandal together with the Billy Doe scandal is worth a read here. Malkin calls for higher penalties against "rape fakers," but so far Billy Doe AKA Danny Gallagher has only been rewarded for his lies with a $5 million payout from the Catholic Church. While Bernie Shero, the schoolteacher who was one of the victims of Gallagher's false accusations, remains in jail doing 8 to 16 years for a crime that never happened.

While we're slamming Rolling Stone, let's not give The Philadelphia Inquirer a pass. They've published 59 false Billy Doe got raped stories and editorials in the past seven years. But now that Billy's been outed as a fraud, the Inquirer betrays the fundamental mission of journalism by remaining purposely silent.


  1. Ralph, the Justice Dept. should add you to their Witness List against Seth Williams so that the case may be made of the collusion between the Inquirer and the corrupt D.A.

    There should be an award on the level of the Pulitzer for a relentless campaign by a journalist to expose Fake News and the lives lost and those who have suffered as a result of the partnership of a corrupt media and their criminal partners.

    1. There are no Pulitzers awarded to reporters who defend the Catholic Church.

      If I was attacking them, I might have a shot.

    2. Not too long ago in KC, Fr. Michael Tierney exercised his right to a vigorous defense and chose to hire an attorney and face his accuser in open court. Fearing that publicity would deny Fr. Tierney a fair trial, the defense asked for a gag order and the court granted their request. Shortly afterwards, SNAP held a news conference before the trial begin, lobbing out into the public tidbits of information they could have only gotten from the plaintiffs, along with a whopping dose of their own inferred hyperbole. The result was that the KC court of public opinion declared Fr. Tierney "guilty" before the trial began. During the deposition of David Clohessy, the line of questioning involved several questions that would have exposed the collusion between the plaintiffs and SNAP, effectively proving the gag order had been violated. Each time, Rebecca Randles blurted to Clohessy to not answer the questions. When the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that Clohessy must return to the deposition and answer the previously unanswered questions, Randles responded by simply dropping the case. That was a very defining moment for me; how I viewed professional "victim's advocates" went from skeptical to outright distrust. It also proved to me just how much they do not care about the ones they claim to advocate for.

      I believe in a free press, but they should be held accountable for the truthfulness and impartiality of their reporting.

      I believe in due process for the accused, no matter how heinous the alleged crime and the weight of the evidence on hand.

      Ralph, are there any laws that address lawyers manipulating press and/or public opinion to their advantage? There should be.

  2. What has brought you greater satisfaction, winning your case against the Inky and your financial award or making the case that the Institution is as corrupt as those they have framed and destroyed?

    Tierney and Gallagher had a similar agenda, get rich on the Cardinal's dime. Within the same space of time, both are faded shadows of their former selves.

    How many journalists during your storied career pushed the lies of sources to advance an agenda beyond the bounds of honesty and truth?

    When scum like Lynch and Comey have been proven to be the face of corruption and are protected by award winning media, we have reached the nadir of fair and honest reporting.

    That is why lowlifes like Williams are elected and the Justice Department will have an easy time proving his guilt.


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