Friday, February 10, 2017

D.A. Seth Williams Not Running For Reelection

By Ralph Cipriano

District Attorney R. Seth Williams is expected to announce this morning that he will not run for reelection.

The city's first African American District Attorney, elected in 2009, will say that he's decided not to run for a third-term in the May primary against five already declared opponents, with probably more on the way.

The D.A. has called a 10 a.m. press conference at his office to make an "important announcement." Several sources have confirmed that's he's going to say that he's not running. And that Williams is trying to get out ahead of a possible federal indictment that may be coming in the next two weeks.

Video of the Williams press conference from 6ABC can be seen here.


  1. now its time for the feds to indict this lying and scheming criminal into court for his looting of the fraudulent non-profit and his political action committee and for taking all of those bribes particularly from those very same defense lawyers who are representing the scum of the earth in the Philly courtrooms can you say "sweetheart deals" like the one that Seth and his assistant DA's arranged for that lying drug dealing scumbag, Danny Gallagher/aka Billy Doe....all of his pending drug trials vanished in exchange for his perjured testimony in the archdiocesan trials that put innocent men behind bars, one of whom is now dead as a result of a wrongful conviction...

    can't wait until this lying thieving skirt chasing criminal is in a orange prison jumpsuit of his own.....that color should suit him well

  2. Ralph,

    I think your last point about a possible upcoming indictment is probably pretty accurate.

    At the end of the press conference, a reporter asked, "Will we ever see you again?" or something to that effect. Seth was in tears at that point and took no questions.

    That suggests that this may well be his last press conference and the conventional wisdom among reporters knows that.

    The next point is that the field is pretty crowded, and there is a lot of money that seems to have predicted this. That field seemed to be betting on Williams not being in the race - otherwise, at least some of them are clearly wasting their time.

    Finally, Farnese survived an indictment and got re-elected quite recently. The L&I commissioner who's name escapes me likewise muddled through, and even Fattah had some charges dropped and has some appeal fight in him.

    Surely Williams would have pressed his luck if only a minor scuffle with the Feds was in the works.

    This must be a beast. My only question - do the sources believe it covers any prosecution-for-hire, or are we just going to see hundreds of counts of mail/wire fraud?


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