Saturday, August 13, 2016

Big Trial On The Big Talker

An MP3 of Ralph Cipriano's appearance on Christine Flowers' Radio Show Sunday night on The Big Talker can be played here by hitting the little check mark in the gray box on the left.

Flowers recently weighed in with a  column on the D.A.'s decision to retry the Lynn case, "When justice is blind, but ambition isn't."

That column can be read here.


  1. Ralph, your disturbing silence and lack of interest in the case of AG Kathleen Kane damages your Journalistic Integrity and Legacy.
    How often were you committed to "omerta" rather than expose a set up like Kane put in play.
    I don't remember an episode so damaging to the Inquirer and its reputation, as the hit they have put on AG Kane after working so hard to get her elected.
    A two bit potato chip gangster dominates attention while the State Supreme Court and AG are way more serious felons and weigh far greater on Judicial Integrity.

    1. It's hard to cover all the Inky scandals. I've certainly covered enough of them in my time. Wish that trial was in Philadelphia rather than Norristown.

    2. Ralph, I applaud you for the work that you do in the war against injustice.

  2. Ralph any thoughts on Rufus and his " misforgotten" gain? Do you think he will be the new librarian at Waymart?

  3. Rufus must like the lady boys like Kenney the lush.

    The owners of Woodys like to schmear the demonrats.
    Their crabfest in the closet may be why they hate priests.


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