Sunday, June 5, 2016

"This Was No Accident"

Philly mag has an excellent story out, "This Was No Accident," about the building collapse on Market Street that killed seven people.

The story focuses on L&I, the city's Department of Licenses and Inspections, that allows tragedies like this to happen every few years as the "hidden cost" of doing business in the city. The corruption at L&I, and the politicians who have enabled it, have been a hot topic on this blog:

"I Came Here To Speak For Dead People"-- former L&I Commissioner Bennett Levin takes City Council on a 20-year journey through a trail of dead bodies and entirely preventable catastrophes that began with the Merdian fire.

Contractors Run Amok While L&I Promotes Commerce -- more lack of accountability and scandal at the city's worst agency.

L&I Snoozes While Demolition Site Across The Street From A City High School Becomes A Land Fill; Then A Bloody Crime Scene -- A 19-year-old is murdered at a notorious neighborhood dumping ground.

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