Monday, May 30, 2016

The Poster Boy For Sex Abuse In Pennsylvania

By Ralph Cipriano

As the Pennsylvania state Senate considers extending the statute of limitations for sex abuse victims to file civil lawsuits [the state House of Representatives has already passed the bill], it's a good time to reflect on the Billy Doe case. The former altar boy who told so many lies that he was featured coast-to-coast on the cover of Newsweek with a Pinocchio nose.
I got mine

Big Trial has led the way in exposing this fraud who put three priests and a schoolteacher in jail and scammed the Archdiocese of Philadelphia out of $5 million. And now Pennsylvania's lawmakers are contemplating a bill that would make it possible for more Billy Does to cash in.

Read all about it:

Newsweek: Outs Lying, Scheming Altar Boy; Philly's Altar Boy Scandal Gets Uglier.

Big Trial: How To Collect $5 Million From the Archdiocese of Philadelphia; The Stonewallers, the Conspiracy of Silence between the Archbishop, the D.A., and the Editor of the Inquirer.


  1. I'd like to publicly thank Dennis Ecker for calling this pending crime wave to my attention.

  2. You call it a pending crime wave, I call it JUSTICE.

    I am sure once this bill becomes law in defending the catholic church you will have plenty to say calling victims liars. Because your no different then Hermley, Avery and the rest of abusive clergy with only one exception. Instead of a penis to rape victims you do it with a keyboard.

  3. Dennis, good to hear from you again.

    After sitting through years of these trials, I can tell you these cases can't be defended. How can anyone explain what they were or weren't doing decades ago?

    It's great for victims and lawyers but from what I've seen, it's fertile ground for more fraud.

  4. I will not deny the possibility of false claims by non-victims.

    But in the same breath I will say the catholic church can only blame themselves.

    Don't look to me to feel sorry for the catholic church in anyway. I have been at this for a very long time and if the church would have done what was right people like your buddy Chaput would not be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He told me before he does not like to be pressured.I wonder how he feels now ?

  5. Perhaps some good Catholics should ask the Archbishop how he feels, since he has done nothing but stonewall on the subject.

    The church, of course, is absolutely to blame for the original crimes and the coverup.

    But justice is not served by frauds like Billy cashing in. And justice is not served by stringing up scapegoats.

  6. 6 Months (yesterday) Monsignor Lynn was awarded a new trial. If the verdict was just, it will stand. If not, it won't. What is the delay and how can such a delay be justified when a man (who had now been convicted of nothing) sits in jail? are the voice of reason in this case. Please speak out via your channels so this DA's tactics don't go unnoticed. Thanks


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