Sunday, April 17, 2016

Big Trial's Mob Hits

Pal Joeys

Some gangster classics by George Anastasia:

Skinny Joey Talks About Nicky Skins And Life Without The Mob: 
Philadelphia's celebrity gangster gets a fresh start in Florida.

Joe Vito Mastronardo, Gentleman Gambler, Heads To Court: The amazing story of Frank Rizzo's son-in-law.

Masterworks, Murders And Mobsters, A Philadelphia Story: Does A Famous $500 Million Art Heist Have a Philly Connection?

Kaboni Savage: Tears of Rage, But No Regrets: Killer talks about "Barbecue Sauce" and "Burnt Bitches."

Murder, Mayhem And Philadelphia Politics: Some very strange bedfellows.

A Bentley, A Yacht And Piles of Cash: A key witness describes the lavish lifestyle of Salvatore Pelullo.

Joey Merlino Heading Back To Philadelphia: A homecoming for Philadelphia's celebrity gangster.


  1. Joey Merlino Couldn't Tie These Guys Shoes!!!

  2. Joey Merlino crew took out John Stanfa and Scarfo Dante and Luigis got a message delivered to him with his clams and linguini...So don't ever underestimate Merlino men....

  3. the FBI won that war not joey guys..

    1. You said FBI took Stanfa out not Joey.....Remember that Van with gun ports fired barrage on stanfa and his body guardson freeway in broad daylight...that takes balls....And Merlino crew shot up �� dinner at grays ferry --stanfa turf...john Stanfa was definitely worried about the Baller of Merlino Joey Merlino Faction cable.....and stanfa the Morton made John veesey that rat junkie

  4. Say what u want i was there seen it all and in the end the guys John made in Joeys crew left him and his crew he made after words betrayed him in the end. No matter how u haters twist it Joeys guys survived the war did there time as stand up guys and did.nt rat on each other unlike Stanfas guys. Uncle Joe took over and he and his crew kept afloat a sinking ship when all of us thought the mob in Phila was over and it is.nt . No matter who gets killed goes to Jail from here on out or rats there will always be organize crime in So Phila and its suburbs. Its just the nature of the beast. Where theres illegal business going on the mob will have a piece it period. As for the mafia and its rats check the history its always been there from day one. The two go together like Spaghetti and Meatballs and all the killings if history taught us anything will never change that.

    1. I agree with you 100% Anthony V....merlino and his inner circle are stand up �� men....Merlino never ever back down to Stanfa crew..and with balls ambushes stands on expressway at gave stands son scars for rest of his live. Joe Merlino mu h mofe Intelligent then Stanfa the stooge

    2. Sorry for miss spelling was driving...Stanfa was ambushed on expressway and message was delivered by Merlino ...Joe Stanfa was left withpermanent scar from bullet. dinner the Merlino crew shot that Stanfa turf up...and the most idiotic stanfa move was making John Drug addict veeseg...joe merlino cable and don't back down.....respect you and your opinion Anthony V respect you and your opinion


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