Thursday, March 31, 2016

Northeast Times Outs Billy

Uh oh. Now my old neighbors know I'm a fraud!

"His real name is Daniel. He's a 27-year-old multimillionaire living in Florida. And his chronically evolving, apparently contradictory recollections of his own childhood sexual abuse formed the foundation of a criminal case that sent two priests and a lay teacher from the Northeast's St. Jerome's Parish, as well as a monsignor, to jail."

That's the opening of the Northeast Times story today that outs "Billy Doe," Philadelphia's famous rape-prone altar boy. In doing so, the Northeast Times joins Newsweek, the National Catholic Reporter, and of course, Big Trial. The rest of the Northeast Times story can be read here.

[Note to The Philadelphia Inquirer: This is how you cover news.]


  1. Danny Is A Asshole!!!!!

  2. Ho Hum, it must be deja Vu. It seems I have read this STORY before. As far as Lynn being a threat I agree with that. A threat to the Archdiocese. He should be careful he does not end up like his old boss.

    I think you mentioned something before about that Ralph.

  3. If only the Mont. Co. DA had moved faster on that body, before they embalmed His Eminence.

  4. You trying to earn a spot in heaven by calling Bevilacqua "His Eminence" ? Do you even know what that title means ? POND SCUM would be a more fitting title. I am sure the "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" Lynn has some choice titles.

  5. We've got a tough crowd here. I was being sarcastic. Before I met the guy, his handlers told me I had to address him only as, "Your Eminence."

    Not Cardinal Tony, not Bevy, but Your Eminence.

    I have never met a bigger horse's ass.

  6. Bevilacqua was no horse's ass. He was a deeply intelligent and accomplished man. Was he arrogant at times? Yes. Did he make terrible mistakes in handling certain priests accused of abuse? Yes. Demonizing him doesn't serve the interests of truth and justice. For the record....I never liked him.

    1. Hey Anon, for your benefit I just posted my own personal tribute to Cardinal Tony. Read those three stories and see if you don't agree that Cardinal Tony is a prize horse's ass.

  7. I beg to differ. He had a gigantic ego and an imperial view of himself as some kind of monarch on his throne. He was cruel to subordinates, cruel to the people whose churches he callously closed, he was even mean to the doddering Cardinal Krol, his roommate at the cardinal's mansion.

    And those weren't mistakes that he made with those abusive priests; you can't be that naive. From what the police told me, and others who worked closely with him, he was also quite the womanizer. A complete fraud if you asked me. But I guess we all should be happy that he wasn't abusing little boys like so many of his priests were out doing.

    For all his legal degrees, he wasn't very smart. When I interviewed him face to face, he made a couple of really stupid mistakes that came back to haunt him. Can't say I was impressed.

    Actually, Jesus defined him to a T in Matthew 23; he was a pharisee.


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