Saturday, March 26, 2016

Big Trial On WIP

The story of what went down between "Shady" McCoy and a trio of off-duty cops at the Recess Lounge has largely played out on WIP, the city's sports talk radio station.

While The Philadelphia Inquirer has basically ignored the story, WIP Morning Host Angelo Cataldi has led the way, getting key interviews with FOP President John ["Hang 'em high"] McNesby and District Attorney Seth ["We're still investigating"] Williams, our bumbling, ethically challenged fraud of a district attorney.

Big Trial has played a key part in WIP's Shady coverage, beginning with this story that led to this appearance on the Feb. 22 WIP Morning Show and continuing with this update  on March 23rd. [Scroll down on the page to March 23rd to hear the replay].

Cataldi used Big Trial's reporting and appearance on his show this week to flush out McNesby, and this time the heavyweight FOP prez was singing a different tune. By the end of the week, Cataldi was still lobbying to get D.A. Williams to come back on the show and explain why his office has taken seven weeks to investigate a ten-minute bar fight.

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