Friday, March 11, 2016

Billy Doe Under Oath: "I Don't Remember . . . I Really Don't Remember . . . I Honestly Don't Remember"

Newsweek discloses that during his civil deposition Billy Doe said he couldn't remember more than 130 times. Meanwhile, Bernard Shero hires a new lawyer to get out of jail. And Msgr. William J. Lynn decides he'd rather stay in jail than take a plea bargain from the D.A.

Story can be read here.


  1. I have to know were you get your information.

  2. Here is another one

    "Would not plead guilty to something he did not do." How is he saying that when he already made the statement in court " I dropped the ball". C'mon Ralph you were there.

    I'm hearing different. Lynn has given up. No longer wants to rock the boat and risking getting out of prison only to be placed under house arrest once again. Extending that three year sentence. Truly, the smartest move he has made.

  3. Well, Dennis, who could argue with your impeccable credentials as a journalist?

  4. Well, Dennis, your first reference is five years old; the second, four years old. Maybe he changed his mind? In my story I explain where I got my information: his lawyer. Did you happen to read the rest of the story and discover that your hero said "I don't know" 130 times during his deposition?

  5. I have no idea what point your trying to make about Danny saying "I don't know." Its probably half as many times you called him a "lying drug addict." However if your going over numbers that means every time you called him a lying drug addict it amounted to $19,230.77 each time.

    1. You mean $19,230.77 in his arm or snorted

  6. Judge Sarmina and DA Seth Williams are to blame for this kangaroo trial that put three priests and a teacher in jail on trumped up charges in a trial only a third world dictatorship would have approved. Both need to be removed and disbarred from the practice of law . Even the Pennsylvania state supreme court is no better as it is one Democrat helping another democrat. Sad to see this kind of judicial incompetence acceptable when the best of the best will turn away from this kind of injustice. This will call for federal intervention as what the DA is doing is akin to stripping away constitutional protections of the affected people in jail because of a lying witness named Billy Doe. For this to happen here in Philadelphia is a disgrace given our proud history in creating a nation with inalienable rights to all.

  7. Interesting. Why the title change ?

  8. I wanted everyone to appreciate the act that the archbishop of Philadelphia just bought for $5 million.

  9. ....and if that number is correct what a bargain they got.


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