Monday, May 4, 2015

The Big Pizza Robbery

By Ralph Cipriano

On cross-examination, Assistant U.S. Attorney Maureen McCartney asked former Officer Michael Spicer about a shocking allegation contained in "Episode #4" of the government's indictment of the rogue cops.

On Nov. 26, 2007, the indictment charged, while hanging out at drug dealer Michael Cascioli's 19th floor apartment on City Line Avenue, Officers Spicer, Linwood Norman, Perry Betts and Jeffrey Walker allegedly took money from the drug dealer's nightstand and "used it to purchase pizza" for four big hungry cops "without [Cascioli's] permission."

"That would have been a staple of our diet," Spicer conceded with a half-smile from the witness stand when asked about the pizza.

Sensing weakness, the prosecutor pressed in for the kill. Who bought the pizza, she wanted to know.

"I don't know," Spicer replied. "I don't know who paid."

It was exchanges like this during the three-hour cross-examination of Spicer, the only one of six defendants to take the stand, that had the defense camp smiling and laughing when it was all over.

Before the cross-examination got started today, Spicer gave the jury an inside look at the feud between former Officer Jeffrey Walker, the prosecution's star witness, and former Officer Thomas Liciardello, the defendant the government says was the criminal mastermind of the rogue cops.

"We actually got along pretty good," Spicer told defense attorney Jack McMahon about his past relationship with Walker.

The problem with Walker was that he was the most senior member of the narcotics field unit,
Spicer said; the guy with the most time on the job.

As the officer with the most experience, Walker felt he should shave been the "driving engine" on the squad, Spicer said.

"Not only was he not the driving engine," Spicer said of Walker, but "he was being pulled along caboose-style" by the other officers. Especially Liciardello, who had the least experience on the unit, Spicer said.

In basketball they call it court vision. On the narcotics squad, Spicer told the jury, Liciardello was the guy who always saw first what everybody else was doing.

There goes that drug suspect we stopped a while back, Liciardello would tell Officer Spicer. Let's go after him. He also had a knack for working informants.

"Tommy gained the most information and did the most jobs," Spicer said admiringly. "He had a talent. He was phenomenal at what he did."

And he didn't mind telling you about it, Spicer said. Meanwhile, Jeff Walker was screwing up, Spicer told the jury.

Typically, everybody on the squad "had a piece of the job," Spicer testified about drug busts.

"Jeff screwed up so many things," Spicer said.

Walker became known as the "X-man" on property receipts because he made so many mistakes that he was always crossing out, Spicer said. That left plenty of openings for defense attorneys to probe in court about what Officer Walker really meant to say on those property receipts, Spicer said.

Then Walker shifted to recording drug tests, Spicer recalled. It's a relatively easy job. You dip small amounts of seized drugs in chemicals and record the colors that they turn.

Walker was getting the color sequence wrong, Spicer said. That resulted in several "nasty-grams" from the police lab, Spicer told the jury.

Walker also screwed up the summary sheets on drug busts, Spicer said. That pissed off the squad's meticulous sergeant, Joe McCloskey, Spicer said. The summary sheets would be kicked back three times a night for corrections.

In summation, McMahon asked Spicer if he ever planted drugs on suspects.

"Never," Spicer said.

Did you ever beat anybody up, McMahon asked.

"No, I never beat anybody," Spicer said.

Did you ever rob anybody?

"I never stole money in my entire career," Spicer said.

Are you proud of your work as a police officer, McMahon asked.

"I was," Spicer said, with a shrug.

Until this indictment came along.

 "I lived for that job," Spicer said.

On cross-examination, the prosecutors had to know that Spicer was going to be a tough witness. The affable and easy-going former milkman was a veteran cop used to testifying in court. He doesn't rattle, he doesn't get agitated. He's quick to smile and insufferably polite.

"Yes ma'am," he kept saying.

Today, during the three-hour cross it was prosecutor McCartney who was raising her voice, cutting off Spicer's answers and looking agitated when the defense objected, and the judge repeatedly allowed Spicer to finish his often lengthy answers to the jury.

For Spicer, it seemed like a walk in the park.

The defendant has something else going for him. On much of the heavy-handed stuff that the rogue cops are accused of, it wasn't usually Spicer who got fingered as the heavy. Or he wasn't on the scene when much of the alleged police misconduct went down.

So the former milkman turned out to be a fabulous poster boy for the defense.

After Spicer charmed the jury last week, and got rave reviews from many corners, the prosecution could have just asked him a series of questions that he didn't know the answer to, to get him off the witness stand as quickly as possible.

So you didn't see your fellow officers dangling that drug dealer by his feet off the balcony?

You didn't see your fellow officers threatening another drug dealer's wife and daughter?

You didn't see your fellow officers stealing drugs and money?

You didn't see much, did ya?

But instead, perhaps sensing they were way behind, prosecutor McCartney spent three fruitless hours probing Spicer, looking to trip him up. The result was, McCartney didn't land any real punches. But she did give Spicer more time to ingratiate himself with the jury.

McCartney began by asking Spicer about Officer Walker.

Was Spicer one of the cops who used to make fun of Officer Walker after he had gastric bypass surgery, McCartney asked.

Walker didn't tell us he was going in for gastric bypass surgery, Spicer countered. He told us he was going to have his nose operated on to cure sleep apnea.

Spicer admitted that the other cops on the squad did rib Walker.

"You got your nose operated on and you lost 30 pounds," was the kind of joke the cops cracked on Walker, Spicer said.

McCartney asked about some crueler remarks. But once again, Officer Spicer didn't hear anything nasty.

"I didn't hear 'zipper mouth' and 'staple stomach,' " Spicer told the prosecutor. Walker does "snore like a bear," Spicer said. That's why he and the squad initially bought the sleep apnea story.

Did Spicer see a Spanish-speaking drug dealer being abused by one of his fellow officers?

"I didn't stand over the top of somebody who was reaching into somebody else's crotch," Spicer explained.

McCartney asked why a search warrant that Spicer wrote out said that a Spanish-speaking officer had translated for the Spanish-speaking drug dealer. Especially after the Spanish-speaking officer was called as a government witness and said in court that he didn't do any such translation.

"I'm still scratching my head a little bit," Spicer said about the denial by the Spanish-speaking officer. "I don't know if we misconveyed what we were asking him, or if we misunderstood."

"But I'm not going to call him a liar," Spicer said.

Then there was the plumber that Officer Liciardello allegedly threatened after he busted the guy for possessing meth.

Liciardello, McCartney said, allegedly threatened to arrest the plumber's wife and daughter if he didn't cooperate and give up his supplier. And if the wife and daughter got arrested, McCartney said, Liciardello allegedly told the plumber the wife and daughter would go to jail, and bad things would happen to them.

Spicer, of course, remembered the conversation differently.

Liciardello was just trying get the plumber to cooperate.

And "If he didn't step up to the plate," Spicer said, "his wife and daughter were going to prison."

That's just what happened, Spicer said. But he didn't hear any threats.

Did your see your fellow officers steal anything from another drug dealer's house, McCartney asked.

"I didn't pat anybody down or search them when we left," Spicer replied.

McCartney asked about a marijuana dealer that the squad was using as a cooperator.

On his second bust, the cops caught the dealer with nearly a pound of marijuana. Yet he wasn't charged with anything.

Why wasn't he charged, the prosecutor wanted to know.

"That's above the pay grade of a police officer," Spicer replied. It's the district attorney who decides who gets charged with what.

A police report said the investigation on the marijuana dealer was closed "due to a lack of action," McCartney said. Why was that investigation closed, McCartney asked Officer Spicer.

The witness smiled at the prosecutor.

Please don't think I'm being "fresh or smart," he said. But the reason the investigation was closed was "due to a lack of action." Spicer said.

After McCartney got through, to prove how successful Spicer had been, a smiling defense attorney McMahon stood up and told the judge he didn't have a single question to ask on redirect.

After three hours of cross-examination.

The defense rests, McMahon said.

The prosecution had no rebuttal witnesses.

The jury was on a break when Judge Eduardo C. Robreno called the other five defendants to the front of the court to ask about their decision not to testify.

Were the defendants aware that they had a constitutional right to not testify, and that it wouldn't be held against them? Were they aware that they also could choose to testify, but that their testimony would be evaluated by the jury as they would evaluate the testimony of any other witness?

In view of the circumstances, did the defendants choose to testify or decline to testify, the judge asked.

"Decline, sir," Liciardello said.

"I decline to testify, Your Honor," Brian Reynolds said.

"I decline to testify," Betts said.

"I decline, sir," Norman said.

"I decline, Your Honor," John Speiser said.

When court resumes at 9 a.m. tomorrow, it will be time for closing statements.

This could go on for a while.

The prosecution plans to use two and a half hours for their closing statement. The six defense lawyers are allotted up 10 hours for their closings.

Then the government gets a one-hour rebuttal.


Some of us have already heard enough of this case. What we really need is an explanation for why it was brought to trial.


  1. Where was Lt Otto AKA Largo . He is a real piece of work .Was Sergeant Bottles McCloskey there ? Little psychio Tommy did he have His Teddy bear .The narcotics unit needs to be cleaned out .Its contaminated by Little Tommy and his Gang of thieves .

    1. Lt .Otto has no clue of what was going on ,with the gang of rogue cops .

    2. either do the feds

    3. Funny the feds asking if Liciardello threatened a drug dealers wife and daughter with prison if he did not cooperate , that's the governments number one tactic, They use it all the time, to obtain information. Its called Extortion, but its legal if they do it.


      1) I am a US prosecutor,you shall not doubt me or portray me as anything but GOD.
      2) You shall not take the name of a US prosecutor in vain.
      3) Remember to keep holy everyday I serve the country.
      4)Honor your prosecutor and your FBI agents.
      5) Only I can recommend someone be sentenced to be killed.
      6) Only I can use adultery to convict.
      7) Only I can steal from the taxpayers to fund unnecessary trails.
      8) I am the only one that can bear false witness against your you your neighbor, co-workers, family, friends.
      9) I am the only one that can use your wife as leverage against you.
      10) I am the only one that can covet your goods, life savings, reputation, sanity.

  2. I am gonna get this out of the way before the haters start. There are two groups of haters on this site. 1) The drug dealers who got their balls handed to them, you know, the guys who think they are smarter than everyone else in the room. The ones who think they are relevant, the white trash toads like Procopio, the guy who' s mommy had to open his wedding gifts with him and his wife cause she knew he would blow the money on drugs. 2) The cops who think they are cops but are simply collecting a paycheck. You know the type, always on a car stop when the shit hits the fan, the ones who lead the squad in movers and parkers, the same ones who ghink retail thefts are actually REAL part. Ones. No matter the evidence, or in this case the lack thereof you will convince yourselves that these officer are guilty. Yku two groups have so much in common. You are complainers, deadbeats,on the tit at home or on the job, failures in pretty much everything you do. God Bless have a nice evening.

    1. Jim g you got a lot of mouth , just like the rest of your dead beat friends . Even if they are found not guilty ,Commissioner Ramsey said you guys are the worst bunch He ever witness on the job . Little Tommy and His gang are done . no body believes them the DA , The Commissioner , Kelvyn Anderson Police Advisory Commission .

    2. There is a rumor the Police Advisory , may be handing new statement over to the FBI . Rumor has more people are coming forward about new allegations of Corruption in the narcotic unit

    3. The cat is out of the bag . People get rob by cops will get a second wind now . They want to be heard . You guys might be on trial for years .

    4. Thank you Jim g , Who were you Jim G. I will tell you , you were Tummy's little ass wipe .

    5. theres a rumor all you junkies and jealous co workers will shut the fuck up in a few days.

  3. Spice, great job today friend!!!

    1. See fat Johnny He has a Milk shake for you .

    2. 8:42....oh it you again, the guy still waiting for an invite over to his 600,000 house and for a ride on his 5000.00 golf cart. Just blow McNesby already buddy.

  4. 10 hours for closing ,Little Tommy do not keep Mr. Bubba waiting too long for you . With the legalization of same sex marriage .Mr. Bubba wants to marry you Tommy , and make you an honest man . Isn't that nice . Maybe the Milkman could be your best man .

    1. I CAN NOT WAIT until the Not guilty verdict so we don't have to read your ghetto, pathetic comments any more about "little tommy" "the milkman" and "mr bubba" .
      They are not funny even though we know your trying hard, you just sound pathetic.

    2. Watch what you say Mr. Bubba can read .

  5. Officer Spicer KILLED IT TODAY. McCartney left with her tail between her legs.
    Awesome job showing the FEDS how a creditable person testifies. Mark my words there is not a jury in the United States that would convict these men of wrong doing.
    Officer Spicer to say that was a job well done would be for sure an UNDERSTATEMENT.

  6. Just had another thought. If the FEDS were smart, they would have taped Spicer's testimony and used it as a training tool at thr FBI acedemy. You know, this is how a professioal, dedicated law enforcement officer testifies. Articulate, factual, even schooled the prosecutor about the illegality of tape recording phone conversations. ( No I am Not Kidding, true story). Showed how informant info is COOBERATED, The difference between 49, arrest warrant and a affidavit. HONEST, TRUTHFUL, PROFESSIONAL. Just the basics. P.S. yes sirAnonymous I do have alot of mouth.

    1. We are so glad you were impress Jim G .

    2. they probably did. A+ work today officer spicer.
      They are gonna need it for training new FEDS when they fire that hot fucking mess of a team they have on this case.

    3. Spicer testimony is practice and rehearsed as his main goal today was to stay calm and not get agitated like the lawyers wanted him to. Second he had to be overly polite to cover up his scum bag personality. He knows what he and his boys did. He knows who paid for that pizza. All his testimony should be seen thru like the coward he is. Add a new charge to his rap sheet to be served consecutively along with the other charges

    4. "He knows who paid for that pizza" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAH
      Omg...thank you for that. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!!
      Great work yesterday Officer Spicer!

    5. Anonymous 12:03
      He would have only practiced and rehearsed on direct ( that is when the defense is questioning him)
      Just like Walker- and every junkie dealer Praticed and rehearsed when the prosecution is questioning them ( even though they couldn't even get that straight)
      When the Feds are questions him he has no idea what they are going to ask him or try to trick him in to saying. If you were there yesterday you would have seen for your self the OUTSTANDING job officer spicer did. Not only on direct but the ENTIRE time that the prosecution had him up there. She swung and missed every time she tried to lead him in to saying what she wanted him to say or that him and his squad did wrong doing, or that he "didn't know" the ONLY times he answered that he did not know, is if he was not there.
      She asked him questions that she should have known the answers to and she did not. She once even said " well I've never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed"
      And boy, she wasn't lying. Would have been like trying to cut an apple with a spoon.
      I can guarantee that at the end of the day if it was up to anyone who watched officer spicer testify yesterday that ALL of those boys would be home sleeping this morning free men.

      Good luck boys, a couple more days and you'll be free men by the weekend.

  7. McCartney and Wzorek are typing up their resignation letters write about now.

    1. ....That or someone is handing them their transfer paperwork right about now!!

  8. Safe to say officer spicer hit the ball out of the park. Now that the jury see.s the bullshit after closing arguments Friday these guys will be found Not Guilty across the board. Hope Ramsey did.nt melt those badges. And someone might be asking for his soon. As for you flunkie cops and you sorry ass drug dealers been played the Government and you know what that means all bets are off.
    Is.nt karma a bitch my ---ga.s

  9. Jim G, well put my man I agree 100%. The govt should be embarrassed that they ever brought charges against these officers. As for anonymous, the commissioner said this the commissioner said that, shut up you sound like a second grade little girl. You also mentioned the police advisory board. If you are a police officer than you are probably one of those guys that picks up the retail thefts and tells police stories when at parties. Just so you know people hate when officers do that! I wouldn't think any real cop would ever mention that "review board" as legitamate either! Good luck in life.

    1. I would bet 99.9% of the hater cops are "those cops" that tell police stories at parties but they would be pissing their pants one night in narcotics with this squad.

    2. One good thing all the cases you guys work and violated their constitutional rights .their is plenty of work for the narcotics unit thanks to you knuckleheads ,because Da Seth Williams thrown out all your cases ,Why I wonder .

    3. One up can you tell me where in this trial was anyones constitutional rights broken other than these 6 officers. These witnesses were convicted of there crimes get your facts right you lying pieses of shit who continue to not wanna hear the truth. The only reason they testified was for lightet sentences. And you wonder why people wanna put a cap in your asses Most of you cops who comment on here are the reason the PHD should start cleaning house with COMMISIONER CHARLES RAMSEY RESIGNATION IMMEDIATELY AND ALSO ALL SUPERVISORS UNDER HIS COMMAND. THEN ALL OFFICERS SHOULD BE RELOCATED WHO HAVE BEEN IN ONE PRICINCT LONGER THAN 2 YRS WITH SUPERVISORS EVERY 4 YRS SO THAT THEY ALL LEARN THE CITYS NEIGHBORHOODS. MOT KUST THE ONES NEAR THERE HOMES. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. THEN I BET WE WOULD WEED OUT THE DEAD WOOD HERE IMMEDIATELY. THATS HOW YOU START CLEANING UP CORRUPTION DON.T LET THINGS GET STALE. ITS A START IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

  10. As for all you haters gonna be a long summer digesting this one . Not in your sorry friggin lives did you see this coming. There for it shows how incompetent you really are as officers of the law. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt was not presented here. And those 16 witnesses there were 19 but three were either busted for drugs or perjured them selves. Those 16 might go down as the biggest embarrassment of this whole case.

  11. McCartney and Wzorek,

  12. i cant wait until all you little pussy fake police officers on here talking shit have to answer to Spicer when hes the next President of the FOP.

    1. Im no officer anonymous but these flunkies posting anonymous on here
      are computer ids are all over this and the feds know everyone of us posting there names will leak no doubt about it.

    2. Over John McNesby dead body .

  13. M.D and Jim G i think we turned the corner and are headed to the finish with NOT GUILTYS ACROSS THE BOARD . Keep your heads up boys wishing nothing but the best here. God Bless

    1. I'll meet you fellas at the finish line with a few bottles of champagne to celebrate, shall we say Wednesday? Maybe Thursday at the latest?

  14. Was this McCartneys first day on the job?
    McCartney, maybe after the Feds let you go Spicer could put a good word in for you with the police department.

  15. Hey spice, just did it feel to make McCartney your bitch today?

  16. WAY TO SHOW THE FEDS HOW ITS DONE MIKE. I hear the feds have a few openings in the next week or so if you're looking for a change of scenery.
    Adios Wzorek



  19. Let's recap the last month . . .

    We've learned that a dirty cop - with a drinking problem, depression and suicidal thoughts - who was arrested in a sting operation - makes a deal with the prosecutors and feeds them fantastic stories about outrageous illegal activity. His sentence will be directly related to how well he testifies for the prosecution.

    The prosecution interviews drug dealers arrested by this unit, and hears all kinds of wild stories about robbery, abduction and kidnapping. They must be true, because these people have no reason to lie.

    The prosecutors do not interview any of the supervisors or other officers who were on the scene of these alleged episodes to ascertain if these stories are true.

    There is no video or audio evidence of wrongdoing by these police officers.

    It seems to me that the basic fundamentals of investigative practices and procedures were intentionally ignored here.

    I have an idea. Wzorek and the entire prosecution team should be investigated.

    This trial is a disgrace.

  20. Its all in ones head how your perceive whos winning this case. But 6-7 wks ago i said the fix was in...Guilty Verdict is coming down. And when it do...this judge is already prepared to hand out the harshest sentences every heard of before! These 6 ex police deserve the worst!

    1. That's "and when it does" genius,
      AND WHEN IT DOES NOT, you're going to be pretty disappointed. Better go get a tub of ice cream and keep it in the freezer. Your gonna need to drown your sorrows in something in the next few days.
      I'm sorry did I say tub of ice cream? I forgot who I was talking to...I meant an 8 ball of meth.

  21. When a supervisor (I forget her rank offhand) from Internal Affairs (IMPACT Division) volunteers to go to the Federal Anti-Corruption Task Force then, very shortly after the investigation on these six officers starts, leaves the "prestigious" Federal Task Force because she felt as though what the feds were doing to these guys was wrong? Then she takes the stand on behalf of the defense and says aa much? That speaks volumes.
    Then when the prosecution, when given the opportunity to cross examine this defense witness, has NO questions to ask? Their silence is deafening.
    Keep your heads up fellas. God willing the jury has been paying attention and comes back with a resounding "not guilty" on every charge for every one of you. Good job Spice!

  22. Do you really expect me to believe that during an 8 year investigation the Feds only tried to set these guys up on tape ONCE? I call foul! And I'll bet that the other tapes were tossed when they didn't pan out. This is criminal in the fact that this was even brought to trial. Someone should be brought to justice over what they put these guys and their families through. The police have an internal affairs, who do the Feds or these prosecutors have watching them? It's scary what the government can do to you when they get a hair up their ass for you. Someone should be held accountable.

    1. They are being held accountable. The 6 porkers on trial!

    2. Accountable for what?? Doing their job

    3. Read "Licensed to Lie " by Sidney Powell, she is a former prosecutor now in private practice, The feds answer to no one, there is no accountability. They don't care that innocent people lose their reputations, life savings and their liberty. Innocent men and women are sitting in our jails. I don't understand how the prosecutors are not charged with SUBORNATION OF PERJURY , they get the FBI and IRS to lie for them, they lie to grand juries. Traffic Court was the same situation, both cases should have been handled internally , not in federal court. Witnesses that are scared to death say what the feds want them to say, they sell their souls to be able to walk out of there with no charges or reduced charges. People live under the impression that the feds have no reason to lie, they have every reason to lie. They are attorneys that want to win, they don't care if you are sentenced to die or spend the rest of your life in prison. Its not 1950, wake up. Prosecutors treat their fellow citizens with such contempt and disgust, turning law abiding people into criminals with the stroke of their hands. Good people that have to carry the burden of being betrayed by their own governments for the rest of their lives.

    4. This trial has been a real eye opener for me. I kept thinking, there has to be more than this, right. 6 families forever changed for this nonsense.

    5. Many of us had those same thoughts. Prayers that these families can move on and come through even stronger then before.

    6. License To Lie is a great book. Devastating.

  23. Tommy L will get out of the SHU a free man like those American POWs held in the Hanoi Hilton 8 years during the war. I have to ask what was the prosecutor thinking when he put him in the SHU and denied him 80K pages to read for his defense. Semper Fi!

  24. They should of never moved forward with this case without any REAL evidence, all they had was he said this and she said that, no real prove of any wrong doing. They set them up and still couldn't get any evidence, and it's a shame they had to go through this crap. Thank you officers for all that you did to protect our streets.

    1. They don't need real evidence, if the feds say its true your supposed to believe them. Maybe we need to change the mantra when referring to the feds from "Unlimited Time and Unlimited Resources " to " Unlimited Power and No Accountability" maybe then people will get it.

  25. Like I said yesterday "Sugar and SPICE and everything nice....who do you want protecting
    our Children, don't think Don Knotts would be going into these cesspool area's.....
    Guy's walk out of that courtroom with your heads held high
    Just Pray the jury can see right through the scumbag druggies
    and our WONDERFUL Mayor Nutter should hold a press conference to say he was sorry
    for calling his Police officers "SCUMBAGS" Didn't hear him calling father and son
    Fathua that, oh that's right he doesn't comment on friends I guess...birds of a feather !!!!!!

  26. The scumbags are the ones who turned there backs on fellow officers and judgement day is coming my little sheleps and it won.t be pretty when the tide turns on you.

  27. The America I Hold in My Heart.
    My America sends aircraft carriers to devastated countries that need food, clothing and medical assistance after a natural disaster.
    My America sends troops to countries that can't protect their own people, to aid in genocides, to serve as peace keepers, troops that put their lives on the line everyday so we have a safer America,\.
    My America strives to build better, safer products to improve our daily lives and the lives of others around the globe.
    My America is concerned about the environment here and around the globe.
    My America sends human rights groups to countries were unspeakable atrocities against mankind have occurred .
    My America is a leader and can be counted on to come to the aid of the largest or smallest country in need.
    My America is glued to media updates on earthquakes, shootings in Texas, girls missing in Africa, and the arrival of a new princess.
    My America is populated with courageous citizens,ready to defend America in thought ,word and deed.

    I don't understand how My America is standing by while prosecutors are sentencing innocent people to prison, I don't understand how we are allowing it. When do you speak up, when it happens to you and your loved ones ? Prosecutors have to stop pitting one human being against another, inventing crimes, ruining a lifetime of good works and deeds. It has to stop, the teachers in Atlanta, the Traffic Court Judges, the Police Narcotics Squad . No one has the right to ruin another persons entire life, the lives of their family, how society views them forever more. When is my America going to send the cavalry to rescue us from these head hunters. Where is the America I hold in my heart.


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