Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dirty Cop Fingers Brothers In Blue

By George Anastasia
For Bigtrial.net

They broke all the rules, Jeffrey Walker told a federal jury, but they made big arrests, so their supervisors looked the other way.

"It was nothing but a dog and pony show, that's all that it was," Walker said of the headline grabbing arrests and the enhanced status his unit had within the Philadelphia Police Department. All the while, he said he and other members of the Narcotics Field Unit were routinely stealing cash and narcotics from drug dealers and falsifying police reports to cover their tracks.

Asked how many times during his 10 plus years in the unit that he had robbed drug dealers and submitted false reports, Walker calmly replied, "Can't count them there were so many times."

Testifying today in the ongoing corruption trial of six other members of that narcotics squad, Walker, 46, said lying and stealing were a routine part of the job in the squad run by Thomas Liciardello, who has emerged as the lead defendant in the corruption case.

All six defendants shared in the booty, Walker said, but only Liciardello was guaranteed money even when he wasn't present for a scam. Liciardello, he said, enjoyed special status within the unit and was able to countermand orders from the sergeant who in theory was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the squad.

"The majority of the decisions were made by Tommy Liciardello," said Walker, adding that Liciardello would make a phone call and the sergeant would back off. The implication was that Liciardello had the ear of someone higher in command, but Walker said he knew of no supervisors or ranking officers who got money from any of the robberies.

Walker, dressed in a green prison jump suit, has been a federal inmate since his arrest in May 2013. Caught stealing $15,000 from an drug dealer in an FBI sting operation, the 24-year police veteran quickly pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the other members of the unit.

From the witness stand today the burly, six-foot-three ex-cop provided an insider's look at what federal prosecutor have described as a narcotics squad out of control. Walker detailed nearly a dozen incidents in which cash and/or drugs were taken.

Liciardello and five co-defendants, Brian Reynolds, Michael Spicer, Perry Betts, Linwood Norman and John Speiser, are charged with stealing more than $500,000 in cash, drugs and other valuables from drug dealer targets between 2006 and 2012. The indictment against them also alleges they routinely falsified police reports and property seizure records to hide their crimes.

At one point Walker spoke of "chunks of money" taken out of a safe stolen from a major marijuana dealer. At another, he described how he and Norman held a narcotics dealer over the railing of his 19th floor apartment in order to get him to give up information.

"He was scared to death," said Walker who told the jury that he and Norman were nicknamed the "Twin Towers" because both were large men that Liciardello used to intimidate drug dealing targets.

Liciardello, he said, was a "money-maker" who cautioned him about hiding the cash they stole. He said Liciardello told him to "spend your paycheck," meaning, he said, to use his police salary as he normally did.

Walker, who said at one point he was making $119,000-a-year, said he did not put any of the stolen cash in banks because that would "create a paper trail." Asked what he did with the cash, he said he used it "for women, food, clothes."

He also told the jury that Liciardello established the robbery patterns of the squad and that in most cases "white males" were targeted. They were, he said, "college boy types. Khaki pants. Easy to intimidate."

Robert Kushner, a major marijuana dealer, was a prime example. Kushner, who testified earlier in the trial, was a college-educated drug dealer who lived in a high rise on City Avenue. It was from that apartment, Walker said, that he took a safe containing what Kushner said contained $80,000.

Walker said he didn't know how much money was in the safe which, he said, he broke open with Liciardello and Brian Reynolds. They shared in the "chunks" of cash, money wrapped in rubber bands, that they found inside the safe, said Walker. But he said he never bothered to count the total amount.

The safe was stolen after he, Liciardello and Reynolds stopped Kushner in the car he was driving near Ridge Avenue, Walker said. Kushner spent a night in custody, but was not formally arrested. He was threatened and intimidated and held without being charged while Walker, Liciardello and Reynolds ransacked his apartment.

"Tommy told him we would put him in a cell with black prisoners and tell them he had called them a bunch of niggers," said Walker, himself an African-American. Like the drug dealer held over the railing, Kushner was "scared to death," Walker said. 

Walker said he remained loyal to the drug squad even as Liciardello began to isolate him. By 2009, he said, the only person who would ride with him in a car was Norman. When Norman was not on duty, Walker said, he "rode alone."

Personal problems, a divorce, medical issues and a problem with alcohol all became fodder for jokes and abuse within the unit, he said, with Liciardello leading the way.

"I was pushed out of the group," he said. "My personal life was going down the tubes."

But even after being ostracized, he said, he rebuffed attempts by Internal Affairs and the FBI to get him to cooperate. It wasn't until he was caught red-handed in 2013 that he flipped and became a government witness.

Asked why he didn't turn on Liciardello and the others in 2009 or 2010, Walker said he still was "loyal," He also said at that point he knew, "If they go to jail, I go to jail."

The only time Walker showed any emotion was late this afternoon when he described a deal in which he shared stolen marijuana with Linwood Norman, the only squad member who did not shun him. Earlier Walker had said that Norman had once saved his life by getting in the line of fire during a confrontation with a drug dealer. He said when he first agreed to cooperate, he tried to avoid giving up information about Norman, but said his plea deal required him to tell all that he knew and all that he had done.

As he described providing the stolen marijuana to Norman, Walker began to tear up. He paused, wiped his eyes and then continued.

He showed none of that remorse, however, when talking about a series of text messages he and Liciardello exchanged in 2010 after Walker had been questioned by Internal Affairs. At that time, Walker said, he was not cooperating and was not giving anyone up. But, he said, Liciardello was convinced that he was.

The text messages, complete with misspellings and faulty grammar, were shown to the jury. They included Liciardello calling Walker a "snitch" and a "rat."

"You are dead to everyone in thus [this] squad," Liciardello wrote.

"Die rat," said another message.

In still another, Liciardello called Walker a "partner less rat" and added, "I'm not speaking to you ever again. Hang yourself." In another, he wrote "Now u are a cry baby rat faggot."

In turn, while denying he was cooperating, Walker told Liciardello that it was clear from the questions posed to him by Internal Affairs that Liciardello had a problem.

"You are truly fuck up," Walker wrote in a text reply during the lengthy exchange. "I never said anything it was told to me so fuck for the last time dick head."

Later in the same exchange, Walker wrote to Liciardello, "You will be in jail before me."

In fact, Walker has been in jail since his arrest in May 2013. Liciardello, the only defendant in the case denied bail, has been in the federal detention center in solitary confinement since his arrest in July 2014.

Walker will be back on the stand for what is expected to be highly charged and intense cross-examination when the trial resumes tomorrow. The prosecution's case could hinge on whether the jury accepts the disgraced police officer's version of the events at the heart of the case.

George Anastasia can be contacted at George@bigtrial.net.


  1. Nothing said we already did.nt know .We.ll see how he holds up when the defense pokes holes in his lies. Does.nt remember how much money was in safe but remembers to put everyone there. He.s lying his black ass off. Defenses cross examination will show this tmrw

  2. Thats great wAlker is puttin them all out there an letting everyone know the truth about what really went on can't wait for the guilty verdict hopefully they never get out let them see what its like to be told what to do day in an day out, they played tough guys when they were robbing an lieing now that the shoe is on other foot tommy is crying in jail an the rest are scared to go to jail karma is a bitch gotta love it thats what you get for abusing your authority

  3. How can you possibly set them free you asshole. They are guilty as hell.

    1. Im guessing you get your accounts from the news media. Stop by the courtroom for 15 minutes and you'll see for yourself.

    2. The most important thing Walker said today that the article doesnt mention is that he has been lying and stealing since he first got on the police department. He didnt need Tommy permission to syeal when he was a patrol cop and he sure as shit didnt need it when he got caught ALONE with the weed and 15grand. Not sure what the fascination with Tommy is all about but you need to get your head out of your ass. Walker was a lone wolf lying thief way before he went to narcotics. Oh yeah and the part about we split up the money we stole but we never counted it we just took bundles are you kidding me.This guy is a total bag of shit

    3. Anonymous 7.48 and 8.07pm
      Let.s see how the so called Ace in the hole holds up under cross examination before u slap dicks get diarea of the mouth.

    4. Stop by Court. Officer Speiser has not even been mentioned by Walker, never had a finger pointed at him and is not even named in discovery. That was all stated in opening statements. The press prints bits and pieces. Hell, he's not charged with anything but falsifying a document in 2 cases. That is it. Not any of the other crap you keep seeing in the media. Appears the FBI wanted to dangle his life in front of him so he would cut a deal and bury the others. Can't cut a deal when you haven't done anything. From testimony I get that he REPLACED Walker, never worked with him. Go to court and get the facts. Again, the media is printing what they want.

  4. see for myself what? Walker said the same thing as everyone else. What is the government engaged in a conspiracy theory to frame innocent cops? These guys were greedy and did it too many times. They got caught. Their worse then anyone they could have ever locked up because they are wolves in sheeps clothing. Worst kind of person, a snake in the grass. Just because they targeted shady people makes it right? They crossed the line, maybe everything they did wasn't bad but once the line is crossed all bets are off.

    1. Inquiring Minds Wanna KnowApril 14, 2015 at 8:59 PM


    2. Exactly! There is a conspiracy to frame these guys. Multiple drug agencies work similar cases. These guys stepped in and ruined a major bust by the FBI. The lead on that case got transferred to corruption. Guess what their first case was??? Just guess. The government spoon fed the same story to these dealers.

  5. Maybe u should get ur head out of ur ass these cops r dirty as hell an r gonna get exposed for it. Ca t wait for the guilty verdict so all u dick riders will shut up since use think u know everything

  6. It is so obvious all of the ignorant cop hating comments on here are from the drug dealers who testilied against them or are praying for their civil suits to get settled. You're not important. Stop believing you are. Good luck to the boys in blue and thank you for your years of service getting scum bag drug dealers off of our streets.

  7. Send them up to jail.....everyone is waiting on these 6 dirty ex narcs to come behind bars...Southphilly...Pagens...Northphilly guys...Oh and them brothers from SouthWest are real hot and horn toad for some ex cop meat under the sheets lol. These 6 ex dirty narcs days are numbered!!!!! Hope you enjoy your next home cause youlll be there(prison) for many years.

    1. The only one gonna be under the sheets is your mom doing tricks to put money in your comissary.
      Ya man.Lol

  8. I cant wait til the guilty plea comes an so all u crumbs that wanna ride there dicks look stupid, there crooked they didnt get targeted for no reason obviously they were doin what they are acused of because there are guys from all over pretty much same thing happen to all them an walker is just confirming all there stories you dumb ass

  9. Jim G and set them free you guys are dumb as hell. Keep referring to that crooked bitch as tommy, clearly you got some connection to him bc everyone else calls him a POS and you Tommy. Guilty as hell ruined more lives then you can count. He did some good Im sure, but his bad outways his good. He has plenty of time in his 23/1 to think. Pray they don't go after his assets. Maybe he bought a car, paid for an addition to his house with the stolen money. And like these DDs he falsely arrested he is going to lose it all.

    1. Yeah Tom L. The ex dirty narc will pay. Hes going to see 30yrs behind bars with ease. As for the rest who knows and who cares? And all the Pro TOMMY fans are either his family or other dirty narcs cause we all know the Scumbag has no more friends. Jeffery walker sealed theses other 6 fates. The only matter of this conversation be how much time combined between theses 6 will they be given? Im betting all together they total sentences(combined) will amount to 180yrs(30yrs avrg. Each)

  10. Jim G is about as smart as a bag of rocks.

  11. Inquiring Minds Wanna KnowApril 15, 2015 at 7:41 PM

    What happened todau George did.nt print anything. Or did the Judge call everyone into chambers?

    NOT GUILTY!!!!!! NOT GUILTY!!!!!!
    NOT GUILTY! !!!!!

  13. what courtroom are you in set me free

    1. August 22nd 2009 I was a victim of tom L and his thugs with a badge

  14. They robbed me n had a pizza party in my house two hours before the search warrant even showed up


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