Friday, January 3, 2014

Lynn Goes Free; Can't Function As Priest

By Ralph Cipriano

After more than 18 months in prison, Msgr. William J. Lynn is a free man.

Shortly before 10 a.m. this morning, Lynn walked out of the Currann-Fromhold Correctional Facility on State Road in Northeast Philadelphia, where he was greeted by family members and some friends in collars.

He doesn't look the same. In prison, Lynn lost some 80 pounds.

"He looks good," said his lawyer, Thomas A. Bergstrom. "He was on the treadmill every day and [in prison] the food is not that great."

Lynn was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet when he walked out of jail. On Monday at 12:30 p.m., he has to report to Courtroom 507 in the Criminal Justice Center, where Judge M. Teresa Sarmina will personally review her conditions for paroling Lynn.

"He's prepared to go in Monday and tolerate whatever he has to tolerate," Bergstrom said. "He has no problem abiding by the court's rules."

Lynn will remain on administrative leave with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, according to a letter issued today by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

"As such," Chaput wrote, "he may not function publicly as a priest."

The archbishop's decision to keep Lynn on administrative leave is fine with the monsignor, his lawyer said.

"He's not looking to serve in ministry right now anyway," Bergstrom said. So the issue of him being on administrative leave "is academic."

Lynn, the archdiocese's former secretary for clergy from 1992 to 2004, was the first Catholic administrator in the country to be convicted and jailed for the sexual sins of the clergy. Lynn never touched a child; instead he was charged with failing to prevent an abusive priest under his supervision from harming another child. Lynn was convicted by a jury of one third-degree felony count of endangering the welfare of a child.

On Dec. 26th, the state Superior Court reversed Lynn's conviction, saying Judge Sarmina's handling of the law in the case was "fundamentally flawed." The state's original child endangerment law only applied to adults who had direct contact with children, such as parents, teachers and guardians, the Superior Court found. The law did not apply to Lynn, who was a supervisor of other priests. The state child endangerment law has since been amended to include supervisors.

District Attorney Seth Williams has announced he will appeal the Superior Court's reversal of Lynn's conviction to the state Supreme Court. If the state Supreme Court decides not to take the case, Bergstrom said, Lynn hopes to be taken off administrative leave by the archdiocese, and to return to active status as a priest.

Bergstrom said Lynn was not bitter at anyone, and was grateful to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for putting up a $25,000 bail deposit.

In his letter "to the clergy and faithful of the church in Philadelphia," Archbishop Chaput defended that decision.

"At my direction, the Archdiocese has provided 10 percent of Msgr. Lynn's bail -- $25,000 -- to assist his release," Chaput wrote.

"The Superior Court ruling does not vindicate Msgr. Lynn's past decisions," Chaput wrote. "Not does it absolve the Archdiocese from deeply flawed thinking and actions in the past that resulted in bitter suffering for victims of sexual abuse and their families."

"Msgr. Lynn has already spent 18 months in prison," the archbishop wrote. The reversal by the Superior Court "is not a matter of technicalities but of legal substance. That is made very clear in the text of the Superior Court's decision."

"Msgr. Lynn presents no danger to anyone," Chaput wrote. "He poses no flight risk. The funding for his bail has been taken from no parish, school or ministry resources, impacts no ongoing work of the Church, and will be returned when the terms of bail are completed. Nor does it diminish in any way our determination to root out the possibility of sexual abuse from the life of our local Church."

"As a result, I believe that assisting Msgr. Lynn's family and attorney with resources for his bail is both reasonable and just," Chaput concluded. "We have acted accordingly."


  1. I welcome the release of Monsignor Lynn.

    Will there be a complaint to the Philadelphia Bar Association about the actions of Seth Williams and his office?

    1. Save it for your judgment day. Explain to God that you knew that Lynn hid and moved 35 known child rapists who raped hundreds of children, and you never tried to help the victims. God will point you to Matthew 18:6, where Jesus was completely unforgiving about child rape.

      You can argue about how God and Jesus were wrong, and you thought that there should be some excuses for getting away with organized child rape in a church that claimed to be God's church. You can send a complaint to Jesus for saying that child rape was unforgiven in Matt 18.

      God is on Facebook, so He knows how you think, and what side you chose when the Catholic church was raping His innocent children, and as Jesus said in Matt 18:6, God will have no mercy on you.

    2. Neil Allen is not his real name.

      His real name is Patrick*, and he regularly defames and brutally attacks anyone who doesn't adhere to his apparent belief that everyone in a Roman collar is a pedophiliac demon.

      And his citation and explanation of Matthew 18:6 is completely erroneous.


      * I know Patrick's full name and what his business is, but, unlike other people, I will not stoop so low as to expose him as to harm him personally and financially.

      But people need to know that "Neil Allen" is not a real name, and he is completely unhinged.

    3. Unless Anonymous is the birth name of many who post here and on your site I will assume those people too as you define it are "completely unhinged."

    4. What an idiotic response to a fair warning to readers here.

      Is this the same logic and rationale that defines your 'case' against Catholic priests?

      Good luck with that, Gollum

  2. The Catholic Church is the Pedophile Mafia, and the Catholic church protects their pedophile protecting heroes, like Bill Lynn.

    Lynn testified that he hid 35 known pedophile priests in 1994, and shredded all of the evidence about them. In the Catholic church, he is a hero for protecting the child rapists.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You're misinformed, and possibly insane. Lynn's list was shredded by underlings under the orders of Cardinal Bevilacqua.

    3. It doesn't serve any purpose to permit obviously insane/disturbed 'trolls' (eg. "neilallen76") to post comments. It only serves to distract and deflect from the debate and the possibility that a [sane] commenter may be able to actually advance the discussion or provide insight.

      I implore blog site managers/moderators to reconsider posting guidelines for the benefit of the debate/discussion, and for the benefit of all victims.

    4. Hello Patrick. Do you remember that time that you said to me "I am going to make you my bitch!" simply because I posed a question in which the honest and correct answer was not favorable to the SNAP mindset? Exactly -how- do you propose making -me- your -bitch-? Are you that unhinged that you are willing to resort to violence in order to promote your agenda driven propaganda?

      Both of your sentences are blatant lies that can easily be proven false.

    5. So, in addition to being antiCatholic bigots, the 'kill all the priests' crowd are also misogynists. I wonder how many women have been subjected to the deviancy of "Patrick" and others like him?

      Hatred seldom stops at the doors of our Church; if you're hate-filled it will certainly seep into other segments of the population.

      I wonder what, exactly, is involved in making someone 'one's bitch'?


  3. The public humiliation that Fr. Lynn will feel as Mr. Cipriano mentioned in his previous blog will not be the fault of any judge, DA or media. But has already been handed down by Archbishop Chaput by informing the public that "he may not function publicly as a priest."

    Can we interpret this latest decision by Chaput that although Lynn at this time cannot be charged legally with a crime. He believes morally Fr. Lynn is guilty because of his inactions in protecting the safety of children.

    A similar statement given by the recent three judge panel.

  4. I believe that Monsignor Lynn will be reinstated just as soon as the Superior Court rules in his favor, whenever that may be.

    1. Msgr. Lynn will most certainly be returned to ministry and rightly so. He is a good priest, for God's sake, and the time he spent in prison (which must have been humiliating at first) was probably used for much introspection. (I believe that he helped other prisoners, as well,while incarcerated). Msgr. is a mature, stable, kind man of faith who appears to have handled this ordeal with acceptance and grace. To say that he has been treated unfairly is a gross understatement

      It is a no brainer that the Archdiocese has posted the $25,000 to help him. Archbishop Chaput has given a logical statement that explains the reason for this. Yet outrage is unbelievable

    2. Furthermore, the venom oozing from some of the regular, insane commenters is getting so tiresome. "Neil Allen"/"Patrick" (aka other variations) and Snap Judy Jones are commenting in various and sundry places with the same diatribe. Yawn..

    3. @josie bailey...
      You state that Msr. Lynn is a good priest, yet the evidence clearly shows that he repeatedly placed pedophile Catholic priests (that he KNEW had sexually abused innocent children) in positions where they were able to continue their sexual abuse of even more innocent children. These are NOT the actions of a "good" priest or even a "man of God." GOOD priests do not expose innocent children to pedophile Catholic priests under any circumstances. Recognizing that innocent children are the most trusting and vunerable of the flock, a GOOD priest would go to any length to protect those innocents from sexually abusive pedophile priests, not facilitate their sexual abuse at the hands of those monsters he KNEW to be sexual predators. I have no doubt that this "man of God" will be returned to the ministry... but make no mistake about him or his actions. This is not a "man of God" and he was NOT doing God's work by when he helped destroy the souls of innocent children by repeatedly and knowingly exposing them to criminal sexual abuse at the hands of his fellow "men of God."

    4. You simply do not know the facts. Try researching the former priest Martin Satchell and learn how quickly he was removed from ministry after only three months of ordination because of the work of Msgr. Lynn. The premise from which you are operating concerning Msgr. Lynn is simply nullified by the Satchell case. All other cases predated Lynn's tenure and the shots were called by Cardinal Bevilacqua. As I type that last sentence I realize that my words and the facts will probably fall on the deaf ears of people like you who are fundamentally severe in your opinions about the Catholic Church and her clergy.

    5. Sure... It's Cardinal Bevilaqua's fault that Msr. Lynn placed known sexually abusive priests around even more innocent children so they could also be preyed upon. It's Cardinal Bevilaqua's fault that Msr. Lynn refused to take a Christian stand (as a "man of God" should have done) on behalf of innocent children and aadamantly refused to place known predator priests anywhere near them. Why, Msr. Lynn isn't responsible at all for the sexual abuse he repeatedly HELPED facilitate. He was just following Cardinal Bevilaqua's orders, right? Let me see... where have we heard that "just following orders" excuse before? I love the Catholic Church... I have nothing but contempt for these supposed "men of God" who repeatedly sexually abused innocent children OR the members of the hierarchy who participated in both the cover up of this catastrophe (make no mistake, it is a catastrophe of immense proportions!) and the reassignment of these "little monsters" to new locations (unbeknownst to the faithful) so they could sexually abuse even more innocent children. The only deaf ears this truth falls on are yours... you will continue to make excuses for this "man of God" (and ALL of his un-Godly acts) because you can't face the truth about him and others who were responsible for this nightmare within the Church. Please do not lump them together with the countless good clergy members within the church that had absolutely nothing to do this debacle!

  5. The Superior Court has already ruled, and in Monsignor's favor. The Supreme Court of PA will now decide whether they look at the case, or not. No one thinks that they will waste their time on re-looking at this case, as it only affects one individual, our dear, Monsignor Lynn.

  6. Anyone can post bail for anyone in prison. This could be family, friends or the Archdiocese if so willing. By not serving as a priest, Lynn removes himself from the demands of a very small minority who will demand his removal to protect children.

    Chaput has removed 15 of the 27 suspended priests from duty after reviewing each case and ruling with a logical bent. Keep in mind that a good number of the 15 were suspended because of boundary issues that were not the law at the time the alleged offenses happened. Chaput has not defined those offenses and his reasoning for believing the victim over the priest. A good number have filed appeals with the Vatican. None appear to have retained attorneys to take the church to court over unjustified firings.

    The Supreme Court of PA will have to decide whether or not to take the case. Most likely they will do because of Nutter and Williams, both who are Catholic. Basic facts are you cannot charge someone who left his position in 2004 with a 1972 EWOC law revised in 2007 to allow administrators to be charged. Having said so, there is a good chance they will decline to take the case and let all of us know sometime in June 2014.

    A former DA declined to prosecute Lynn under the 1972 EWOC law as it stands because Lynn was an administrator, not a child carer or parent. A new DA ignored the recommendation and reasoning of former DA Lynne Abraham to go ahead and create a new legal reasoning to an existing law that still did not apply to Lynn.

    1. 15 out of 27. Are they numbers the catholic church and its members should be proud of ?

      It only means a child had more then a 50% chance of being abused by clergy.

    2. 15/27 is as bogus a number as any number or claims associated with the minor abuse related persecution of the Catholic Church. It is just as likely that 0/27 or 27/27 is accurate- the laws of probability are all that count, now since it is apparent to all with eyes to see and ears to hear that the political-legal-judicial system ('rule of law') and their media whores are corrupt.

      Because the Church's persecutors/prosecutors fudged numerous (how many, who knows?) claims to illegally and unethically prosecute the Church - no numbers are reliable.

      Isn't this satisfactory to you? I would have thought that you wizards would have envisioned how you would eventually undermine your own campaign of hate since your foundation is built on lies and deception. Did you really think it could go on, forever?

      It is your fault that innocents on both sides of this matter will continue to suffer- perhaps it is, as your 'god', the Father of Lies, had planned all along.

    3. Mayor Nutter is a Baptist, not a Catholic. He did attend Transfiguration of Our Lord grade school and St. Joseph's Prep. He speaks highly of his own Catholic education, supports Catholic education as he undoubtedly benefited from it. He attended the Wharton School of the U of P.

      Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey is a practicing Catholic. He came out of retirement to accept Nutter offer to head the PPD. Murder in city is down 36% since he took the job and he just last night vowed to continue his was on corruption in the PD.

    4. @James

      "The Supreme Court of PA will have to decide whether or not to take the case. Most likely they will do because of Nutter and Williams"

      What has the Mayor got to do with this? The separation of powers, which is enshrined in the US Constitution, means that politicians cannot intervene in court cases.

    5. I believe former DA Abraham declined to prosecute Lynn and the other defendants not only because of the legality of that EWOC law but because their investigation in 2009 and early 2010 determined that the BILLY DOE/Danny Gallagher allegations of sexual assault were totally false, a series of fabrications by a lying drug addict.

      Tell me in what jurisdiction in America a 5 hour long assault of an altar boy by a priest (plus the other 2 vicious asssaults also claimed by DOE/aka Danny Gallagher) could be reported by an archdiocese attorney to the District Attorney's office (1-30-2009) as required by law and the Asst. DA, Cippoletti, at trial almost 4 years later could tell the judge and jurors that his office didn't investigate those alleged crimes for an entire year because the accusers first name was "misspelled" . FYI, the father of the alleged victim was a Philly Police Officer, a Police Sergeant as I recall, living at the same address of the accuser in this case.. The whole case that put Lynn and the others in jail is a fraud. Making an accusation and suing this archdiocese (and others) is a license to steal, all you have to do is come up with a story have the right connections and the DA's office will do the rest including giving this accuser 4 free get out of jail cards for his numerous arrests in the city of Philadelphia over the past 5 years.. Hence, the end result is this "historic trial"....

  7. 15 out of 27 priests outed because of boundary issues. Chaput has chosen to accept he explanation by victims as if those incidents happened yesterday vice decades past. Many of those victims are people in their middle age and in Chaput's view, they are still children with vivid memories of the alleged incidents..

    Questions can be raised about the veracity of the victims in bringing up boundary issues which were not part of the policies governing behavior by priests at the time they allegedly happened.

    Why haven't any of the 15 retained civil attorneys to sue the Archdiocese and to have the victims deposed by their attorneys who will poke for credibility issues in their testimony including memory issues and pounce on them if their story does not stay straight?

    Many of those expelled priests have very small assets in their estates to finance a civil lawsuit and would be bankrupted in the legal process plus run the risk of attorneys stopping work on the case because of nonpayment of bills. None of the priests earn salaries comparable to professional people in Philadelphia. That is why they have chosen to appeal directly to the Vatican, knowing full well the appeals will be ignored.. Pennsylvania law allows employers to discharge employees at will.

    1. Archbishop Chaput was sent here to clean up the balance sheet of the archdiocese and to steer clear of any controversy and major involvement in the decades old sexual abuse situation.. Even if he knows many of those 15 priests might be innocent, he's appeased the SNAP fanatics by shelving them from ministry, basically he's abandoned them leaving them to fend for themselves.

      It doesn't matter if people in authority know those accusations are false, in particular, the Billy Doe/Danny Gallagher case recently concluded, the archdiocese with the exception of Monsignor Lynn severs their relationship with their "accused clergy", guilty or not. Unless they can get an attorney to represent them "pro bono", they are on their own...Hey, look on the bright side, most of them own nothing so all they might lose is their freedom if they are accused and convicted of a crime they didn't commit...And that is what happened in this case.....

    2. Most of those 15 accused priests know they are innocent and the charges are so baseless. Yes, statute of limitations precludes their arrest otherwise they would be arrested and put on show trial like Lynn only to be found guilty and sent to prison for decades. Chaput knows this and has taken the easy way out in an effort to show SNAP how much he cases about "victims of fabrications".

  8. Can't wait for Monday. Judge Samina will rant and rave at Monsignor Lynn, call him names, degrade him and, in general, make a fool of herself. Should be great theatrics from someone who presided over a four month trial that was "fundamentally flawed". I hope she doesn't disappoint us by not giving us the theatrics we are used to.

    1. There should be an awards ceremony for Seth and Theresa for their ineptitude. You know, like the razzies.

    2. It maybe interesting to hear what the judge may have to say but nothing can compare to what Chaput has already said and done.

      Monsignor Lynn no, Mr. Lynn yes. Addressing him any more then what he deserves is a slap in the face to every priest who knows the difference between right and wrong.

    3. There should be an award for the member of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that knowingly exposed the most innocent children to sexual abuse from known pedophile Catholic priests. There are many, many good priests that know the difference between what is right and wrong, moral and immoral... Msr. Lynn is NOT among that number.

  9. VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis has warned that priests can become "little monsters" if they aren't trained properly as seminarians, saying their time studying must be used to mold their hearts as well as their minds

    Very strong words coming from Pope Francis but he is a little late with the saying "can become" There are already monsters who wear that white collar. Ask any victim of clergy abuse.

    1. The 'little monsters' infiltrate all of society- they are called predatory homosexuals. Beware of them in your homes, schools, troops, hospitals, gymnasiums, synagogues, mosques, temples, airports, playgrounds, restrooms, public spaces, parks and everywhere else humans congregate.

      Thank God Pope Francis is installing the first barriers at the seminary entrances. Ever since the communists purposeful infiltration of our seminaries, we've had this deviant infestation problem in our clergy. You are witnessing this sad chapter in Catholic Church history in it's death throes. You had better find another source of illicit income to support your bad habits.

  10. He's still a Monsignor, he hasn't been defrocked, he should be addressed as Msgr. Lynn, despite your obvious spitefulness. How do you know what he deserves?

    Are you a fan of Chaput, now- do you see him as doing the bidding of the persecutors? Hardly. Regardless, you should address him Archbishop Chaput, unless you have magically defrocked him, too.

    How do we know that you know right from wrong and are equipped to judge others?

    1. Monsignor, archbishop, cardinal and father are titles that you wish to call ordinary men not me. Those titles mean nothing and they should not be respected by you or anyone else for only having a title.

      They must earn respect like anyone else.

      Sexual abuser, enabler, liar. Those are titles that your clergy members have earned.

    2. Let's call all the predators that prey on minors, everywhere, what they really are: deviant homosexuals. These are no ordinary men, they are, thankfully, quite rare in the male population.

      Your anti-Catholic bigotry is showing. You have no credibility because you are driven by hate. Therefore, you are an enabler of predators everywhere and a liar (and not particularly intelligent since no rational adult affords men respect based upon a 'title').

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey Ralph, I'm pretty sure the (pointless) hearing Monday is not scheduled for "12:30 a.m." (half past midnight). Could it be 12:30 p.m. (between noon and 1 p.m.)?

  13. What happens when a clergy member is told by his boss that he can no longer present himself as a priest ?

    Does he have to turn his collar in like a disgraced or a bad apple cop has to turn in his badge ?

    1. What happens when emotionally and intellectually stunted teenagers are permitted to post on a site where adults convene to discuss serious cultural issues? You get a stupid set of questions, as are yours.

  14. .....and now the abuse of children can be blamed on the communists. I thought it was the Jews or the homosexuals or the time between 1960-1980, or has it not been stated by one individual it was the fault of the victims themselves for seducing clergy.

    This is the reason why any respect the catholic church did have is gone. You and your church after all these years, and all the victims, and the imprisonment of your clergy members you and your so-called leaders fail to take blame and responsibility.

    There is a better chance to see pigs fly or hell freeze over before the Catholic Church will change and change for the good.


      Actually, the infiltration is fairly well-documented. And, of course, this communist infiltration is reflected in the Church's left-wing, which is also the hotbed of the pagan activities and homosexual deviancy that erupted in the 60s.

      This the battle for the 21st century Catholic Church. And, no better man is equipped than Pope Frances to lead the exorcism.

      Sooey, little piglet.

  15. The Examiner ? You might as well told me to look in a super market tabloid.

    I would call you a Archie Bunker wanna be but that would only be an insult to the Archie Bunker character.

    If you are a product of what the Catholic Church can deliver they are in more trouble then w I thought.

    Sooey, little piglet. Is that what your holier- than-thou clergy members said why they were raping 8 and 9 year old children ?

    1. They are as good a resource as any of your leftist rags. Regardless of your opinion of the multiple sources (Alinsky tactics aside) - is it true? Of course it is.

      I am a product of the leftists that wish to usurp my God-given freedoms in lieu of their socialist-communist ideology. Here's what it's all about from one of your bibles:

    2. If I had to pick between being like your ex monsignor lynn, or any of your corrupt bishops and Castro.

      Let me say I like warm weather and the sound of steel drums.

      Aye comrade.

    3. Why stop at Castro? If you're a fan of that ideology and it's treatment of its citizenry, why not get all cozy with Stalin, Mao, Pot, Hitler (a great Socialist) and our all-time favorite- Jong-un? I hear the last one is, at least, a real family guy and dog lover.

      The left, responsible for the majority of the unjustified attacks (persecution) on the Catholic Church, is comprised of your typical blend of communist/atheist/pagan, which includes the well-groomed radicalized homosexual, feminist and racial minority.

      Read what Fr. Okos has to say about the Church's current problem here:

  16. "The Superior Court ruling does not vindicate Msgr. Lynn's past decisions" Chaput's words. Lynn is guilty just lucky when he moved these abusive priest around he was not an "official reporter" Followed directions hoping to get that silly pointed hat and a plum parish. Sam old same old. Nothing new folks.

  17. "Silly pointed hat"- you are obviously an anti-Catholic bigot. Alinsky rule #5; ridicule the opposition. Yeah, that'll work, stick to that plan.

    Lynn is probably a hero to the men on the list that were 'convicted' of wrongdoing without the benefit of the rule of law. India just passed rather severe anti-homosexuality laws, would you have the Church in India abide by those draconian laws and turn over their 'guilty' homosexual priests and congregants to the authorities? How about surrendering Jews and other 'undesirables' during the NAZI occupation in Rome? Shall we test Church resolve in Islamic nations or China?

    No Church or man of conscience is obligated to support unjust laws, not here in the US and not anywhere in the four corners of the world.

    1. Why stop at calling Mr. Lynn a hero ? Why not God ? Since you believe in your silly thinking he suffered because of the sins of others.

    2. JAE would you say this in English.

  18. Great thought, there, Anon 4:16am- what happened, the booze/drugs wore off too soon?

    Anon 8:16pm- I didn't call Lynn a hero, reread my statement.

    And, this is a perfect example of how the bigots view everything- through the prism of their anti -Catholic bigotry.

    And, we're supposed to believe these distorters of the truth when they tell us they were victimized by priests 30-40 years ago.

  19. "Lynn is probably a hero to the men" These are your words and your thinking. "Lynn is probably a hero" I am not one of YOUR fellow Catholics who is stupid to believe you meant something different .

    1. No, actually, this is your thinking. Once again, you took my statement out of context and then assigned your words to my thinking.

      And, this is exactly what was done to the priests trying to defend against ghosts scared up by anti-Catholic bigots. For example, fifty and sixty year old ghosts looking for an easy pay day as they ease into retirement.

      Do you believe Catholics are stupid? Is that all Catholics or just the ones with whom you don't agree?

  20. January 3, 2014


    This January 3rd letter from Archbishop Chaput is one for the history books. I would like to offer some insight into its content and message.


    “……At MY direction, the Archdiocese has provided 10 percent of Msgr. Lynn’s bail – $25,000 – to assist his release from prison……”

    “……As a result, I believe that assisting Msgr. Lynn’s family and attorney with resources for his bail is both reasonable and just. WE have acted accordingly……”

    Now, which is it, YOU made the decision, Archbishop or did WE make the decision? If it is WE, who are the members of the group? On the other hand, the second sentence of your letter to the Faithful states that “at MY direction”, the bail money was provided.

    A little clarification would be helpful for the Philadelphia parishioners to more fully understand WHO made the decision?


    "....The Superior Court ruling does not vindicate Msgr. Lynn's past decisions. Nor does it absolve the Archdiocese from deeply flawed thinking and actions in the past that resulted in bitter suffering for victims of sexual abuse and their families....."

    "DEEPLY FLAWED THINKING AND ACTIONS"...........euphemism for CRIMINAL CONDUCT (see PA Crimes Code and Statutes)


    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

    1. Anybody can pay anybody's bail.

    2. Thank You for your insight Captain.

      The "WE" I bet you is not one parishioner of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

      And that is o.k. for them.

      See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Help me understand, is ignorance being taught in catholic churches ?

  21. Mr. Bergstrom has made public the new address of Mr. Lynn as :

    St. William Roman Catholic Church
    Archdiocese of Philadelphia | Roman Rite | English
    Rev Joseph Watson

    6200 Rising Sun Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19111 US
    (215) 745-1389 | Fax: (215) 745-2650

    How many parishioners were asked or even informed the sexual abuse of children enabler will be part of their parish ? A person who they will provide a warm place to sleep and three squares a day.

    He may have had his guilty verdict reversed because a law was not in place at the time of his wrong doings but that does not change the FACT that he is guilty of enabling child molesters to harm children.

    Parents of St. Williams hold your children tight because now there is a monster in your very own backyard.

  22. Terms of Mr. Lynn's Bail

    He must report to his parole officer once a week.

    He is only free to walk the inside first and second floors of St. Williams rectory. Any other location he must gain permission to do so, this includes any visit he may have with any medical doctors.

    The judge has already signed an arrest warrant for Mr. Lynn if he fails to abide to the terms of his bail.

    1. An arrest warrant must be signed for Sarmina on grounds of using such flawed legal reasoning to keep an innocent man in prison 18 months.

    2. Grounds can be found for theraputic exercises by way of fresh air walks outside the neighborhood. Keeping him inside will only allow him to accrue creditable time for prison time served since his release. House arrest can be creditable toward jail time.

  23. Assigning Msgr. Lynn to St. William's PARISH with families and children..........

    I thought the archbishop and his fellow leaders were trying to get away from that



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