Monday, June 24, 2013

"It Finally Feels Good To Make My Family Proud Of Me"

Here is the victim impact statement submitted to Judge Ellen Ceisler by Billy Doe, as read in court by Assistant District Attorney Evangelia Manos:

Dear Your Honor,

My name is [Billy Doe]. I'm the victim of these horrendous men. My life and childhood have been destroyed by these men and the things they did to me. I went through something no child or anyone should go through. They have taken from me, and I will never get back, a lot of those things. For the past 14 years, I have tried to numb the pain and forget what they did to me.

Constant depression, anxiety, flashbacks, and reminder of the hell that I was dragged through. I quickly found myself spiraling out of control and getting into trouble, desperately trying to stop the pain. I tried to commit suicide numerous times, and had years of suicidal ideation. I spent years going to sleep, hoping I did not wake up. And in the mornings, I would dread living through another day. By 11, I was smoking marijuana, trying to stop my suffering, but it never seemed to go away.

I fell quickly into a life of addiction, and, as I got older, it got worse. It led me to a life of heroin addiction, jail, and many institutions. I tore my family apart and disappointed them for many years. Only after I got clean and brought this to light, we started to rebuilt our relationship, and it finally feels good to make my family proud of me. Even though I am a victim, I am now a survivor.

I survived what I went through, and exposed these men and this cover-up, and this has been going on for years. I plead, please give these men the maximum sentence for the horrendous acts that they did to me. Let them feel a lifetime of pain, like what they brought upon me. And thank you for your consideration.

Here is the victim impact statement of Billy Doe's older brother, as read in court by Assistant District Attorney Manos:

I'm [Billy Doe's] brother. I am writing to respectfully request that the maximum sentence be imposed upon defendants Engelhardt and Shero. This request comes not only at the revelation of such heinous criminal conduct, but also upon the following background.

Through the criminal conduct of the defendants, my brother has not lost not just a sense of peace and security and innocence as a direct result of the abuse he was subjected to, but also a whole host of indirect and long-lasting effects felt after the initial incidents until today. For his part, my brother may never fully recover. However, the effects of the sexual abuse he suffered that did present themselves, were severe and caused significant collateral damage.

In his attempt to forget and numb himself from the atrocious acts committed by Shero and Engelhardt, my brother turned to narcotics. The use of those substances devastated my family and countless holidays were ruined. I watched patiently as my parents were pushed to their limit, again and again, without reluctance, to try and save their son. 

My brother was in contact with law enforcement frequently during this period in his life, and attempted several times to rid himself of these narcotics in rehab facilities, only to fail in each instance. At the time, none of our family knew the underlying cause of his addiction and the root cause of all his suffering that [was] left to fester for so many years.

For nearly five years of these tragic events, I could only listen and offer consolation to my parents while I was away at college. However, I continually saw the toll it was taking on the life of my parents, and my brother. I was told how he was, [and] on several occasions, [he] attempted, threatened to take his life.

He has stolen from my parents on numerous occasions. More importantly, however, is what was stolen from all of them, a relationship with my brother, [Billy]. Due to Shero and Engelhardt's sexual abuse of my brother, my parents had, at best, a tenuous and grief-filled relationship with my brother for nearly eight years. After witnessing the low that my brother had reached, I had no relationship with [Billy] for almost the entire period of his diseased mental and physical state.

Now that he has confronted the demons that haunted him for a decade, I see a brand new individual; some one I never knew before. We have been developing our relationship as brothers. My parents have a much stronger and loving bond with him. He has a fiancee, and [is] working a steady job. None of this would have been possible in the height of his misery. For nearly a decade, my parents did not have a son, and I did not have a brother.

The heinous crimes committed by both of these men against [Billy] were the catalyst to the nightmare that was to follow. And I'm glad to see my brother beginning to flourish as a human being. But as to the defendants' abuse of my brother, he lost such a significant part of his life, and so many opportunities that the average teenager is, in this day and age, expected to experience.

At first, I could not stop blaming myself with being so harsh with him, but now I recognize the true blame rests with these defendants, and I will never be able to forgive the disgusting acts that were committed against my brother. And I ask Your Honor to punish the perpetrators accordingly.


  1. And what was in james Doe's statement to the DA at the beginning of the investigation? Oh, I'm sorry the investigation did not begin until after these men were arraigned and arrested.

    Bill, James, Mr. and Mrs. Doe - the perfect family with genuine love and support for each other. All they have done is destroyed lives and set themselves up for a big payday with all these lies and deceit.

  2. Typical addicts when they get clean stay clear of alcohol, drugs, etc. all together. Not this addict. His desire to consume alcohol and travel to countries where certain drugs are considered being legalized is exactly how Billy is staying clean.

  3. Danny's brother wrote, "Now that he has confronted the demons that haunted him for a decade, I see a brand new individual ..."

    Yet, according to my research, Danny has been arrested at least *four* times since he came forward in January 2009. It seems the only thing that is "new" about Danny since "confronting his demons" is his growing arrest record.

    1. It looks a lot like four arrests according to this court summary:

    2. Have to question who the author was for these statements

    3. Maybe the DA got another cut from the doe family by having interns or ADA's assist billy and James doe with writing these letters to the judge. More interesting is that Billy's parents letters were not submitted - they probably had to write their own and were filled with more lies and takes that billy has told them over the years.

  4. What a crock! Hearts and Flowers on a very small violin.

    Hopefully, both Billy and his brother will have the opportunity to testify at the appeal. There would appear to be a lot of exculpatory material that can be brought to bear.

  5. I know that Billy has made an appearance here before. I am going to appeal to the mods to let him have his say, right here, right now. I hope they do, and I hope that Billy has the "testicular fortitude" to allow us to dissect and scrutinize his every word.

    1. Yeah right, billy would never comment on this blog nor will any member of his family. There all in hiding waiting for the first check to arrive.

  6. If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter; for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

    King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 5:8

  7. Billy Doe, an admitted liar and drug addict who stole from his parents to feed his habit. His brother, a successful lawyer starting his career with a Philly law firm, has college and law school debt to pay and a life of his own with girlfriend perhaps. But he is stuck with being his brother's keeper and this burns at his soul about having to tell all the lies to bail out his brother and ensure two innocent people are put in jail to ensure a lottery jackpot payment from the Archdiocese so that Billy with girlfriend can live the life like Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn do in Florida.

    No wonder, the brother chose to take a vacation durihng the trial so that he could not be tabbed to testify.

  8. As one who works 24/7 with victims of heinous sexual abuse crimes such as the ones described by Billy Doe and his brother, I applaud their courage in not only telling the truth about the abuse by trusted adults but in stepping forward to give other victims of sexual abuse the ability to say, "Me too."

    I wish the ADA who is leaving the office nothing but the best. She is a true civil servant who served the public well.

    Robert M. Hoatson, Ph.D.
    Road to Recovery, Inc.
    Catholic Whistle Blowers
    National Survivor Advocates Coalition
    Livingston, NJ 07039

    1. You obviously have NO clue what this case consists of! Billy Doe has made up several different versions of stories! And his brother Was never abused but only contradicted his statements because he was an 8th grade alter boy when these false allegations occurred. Please continue to help those that were truely abused!! But in this case Billy's parents
      Needed an excuse for their sons drug habits and criminal activity. They went to extreme measures to keep their son out of prison where he truely deserved to be! Billy is an accuser not
      A victim!

    2. Robert ..thank you for your care of the sexually abused. By priests,brothers and nuns. These people who condemn Billy are the sickest. people in the world.," VENGENCE IS MINE ,THUS SAYETH THE LORD. "

      eoplein he world.

    3. Hey glorybe: Billy made the whole thing up. Those scriptures also say that every dark deed will be brought to the light, and what is whispered in the valleys will be shouted from the hilltops.

      Wake up.

  9. Did the two [2] testify in their defense ?


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