Monday, April 29, 2013

National Catholic Reporter's Philadelphia Story

NCR story -- "Star witness' story in Philadelphia sex abuse trials doesn't add up" -- can be read here.

NCR editorial -- "Philadelphia was a shallow victory" -- can be read here.

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  1. Ralph - you've done another exceptional job of dogged and impartial reporting. Congratulations!

  2. Ralph, the only one of the five questions with some significance may be number 3. Even there, cases do go to trial with significant inconsistencies and that's just what happens. Numbers 1, 2 and 4.....decisions made according to professional judgment and discretion. And, Question 5, if you are so inclined, refer the matter to the Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the Disciplinary Board, Paul Killion, and be prepared for nothing to happen. If you want the ultimate in outrage and indignity, file a complaint with Killion's minions.

    What I would really like to know is where the local media and journalism profession was when such lawyer-judge conduct scrutiny was sorely needed in major cases over the past several years? Where were you and other journalists when Luzerne County juveniles were getting hammered without legal representation in exchange for cash? Where were you and others in the media when the new Family Court Building downtown was up for sale at the highest levels of our PA Judicial System?

    Quite simply, there is nothing new or special going on in the clergy abuse trials prosecuted by the Phila DA. Judges and attorneys have very little professional scrutiny, oversight and review, so let's not all get shocked and outraged when we believe something is amiss or askew in a string of related criminal trials.

  3. Ralph, you continue to be my hero, not because I came to this case swayed in one direction or another, because I didn't. I think you are the "Voice of Reason", and for that reason I follow this blog, and follow you. God bless you, in your vocation, which is clear and intelligent writing. There are so few who are called to this vocation today, and for that reason, I am so thankful for you.

    1. jim - at your age isn't a little early in the day to be taking sips of the kool-aid? your only argument over the last couple of months has been the end verdict. you have no idea what the details of the case were, you fail to see that an injustice was done in Philadelphia and innocent men are sitting in jail now for crimes they did not commit. keep up the excellent detective work you have being showing everyone who reads this blog and all the other ones you spend your days commenting on


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