Monday, August 14, 2017

Let's Make A Deal -- Bernard Shero Getting Out Of Jail Early

The Philly D.A.'s Office In Action
By Ralph Cipriano

Like the Pope used to be, prosecutors get to act like they're infallible.

And when they screw up, or get caught playing dirty, they don't have to apologize, or admit to any wrongdoing.

But today in Common Pleas Court, the closest thing to an apology just happened. Judge Ellen Ceisler signed off on a deal struck between the Philadelphia District Attorney's office and Bernard Shero's lawyers to let Shero out of jail nearly a dozen years early.

Shero, 54, is the former schoolteacher doing 8 to 16 years for his 2013 conviction by a jury on charges that included rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, and indecent assault. But Shero's conviction comes with a big asterisk -- the alleged victim in the case was Danny Gallagher, AKA "Billy Doe," the  lying, scheming altar boy who has since been outed as a complete fraud.

Shero, 54, has already done 4 years, 6 months and two weeks in jail for crimes that never happened. He has another 11 1/2 years to go on his maximum sentence as a convicted child rapist. But as soon as tomorrow, he'll be walking out of State Correctional Institution in Houtzdale, thanks to a deal finalized today during a half-hour teleconference between the prison and Judge Ceisler's courtroom at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

Danny Gallagher, The D.A.'s Star Witness
Wearing a maroon jumpsuit, inmate Shero was seen on TV in Judge Ceisler's courtroom, answering questions posed by the judge, his lawyer, Jeff Ogren, and a couple of assistant district attorneys.

What spurred the D.A. to cave?

Shero had a petition for a new trial pending under the Post-Conviction Relief Act. And reading the tea leaves, the throughly corrupt Philadelphia District Attorney's Office may have gotten the distinct impression from a prior hearing that Judge Ceisler was about to rule against them.

Shero's lawyers were pursuing a new trial on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. Their star witness: Joe Walsh, the retired detective who was the District Attorney's lead investigator on the Billy Doe case. Walsh came forward to say that Danny Gallagher was a liar who admitted that he just "made up stuff."

In a 12-page affidavit, Walsh wrote that he caught Gallagher telling so many lies that the detective repeatedly told the prosecutor in the case, former Assistant District Attorney Mariana Sorensen, that her star witness wasn't credible, and that all the evidence he had gathered contradicted Gallagher's crazy stories. Sorensen's response, according to Walsh: "You're killing my case."

With a killer witness like that in the defense's corner, the D.A.'s office was justifiably concerned about  losing the PCRA hearing, and Shero getting a new trial. And the damaging stuff that Joe Walsh had to say getting any further exposure.

So they cut a deal. In exchange for Shero's freedom, the former schoolteacher had to undergo the humiliation of a half-hour hearing, where, in front of his family, he had to plead no contest to three charges: involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, a first-degree felony; and two first-degreee misdemeanors, endangering the welfare of a child, and corruption of a minor.

Shero, who admitted he had taken Zoloft before today's hearing, had to sit there while an assistant district attorney read the alleged facts of the case into the record. All of those alleged facts were damnable lies -- that Shero, Gallagher's homeroom teacher, back when Gallagher was an 11-year-old altar boy, had allegedly raped Gallagher in a variety of ways while supposedly driving him home from school.

Detective Walsh, the lead investigator on the case, has already stated that he didn't believe any of it ever happened, and that Danny Gallagher was a liar. Gallagher's stories about the alleged rape also varied so wildly that he wouldn't have been a credible witness to any honest district attorney.

Rufus Seth Williams Facing The Music
But the D.A. pushing the Danny Gallagher rape story was Rufus Seth Williams, a man so corrupt he had to admit to stealing from his own mother, in addition to taking bribes and selling his office when he cut his own plea bargain deal a few weeks back.

And now Williams, a complete disgrace, is sitting in solitary confinement at the federal prison at 7th and Market, awaiting his own sentencing on Oct. 24th.

But Danny Gallagher's lies live on in the courtroom of Judge Ceisler today as the assistant D.A.'s read Gallagher's fictional rape stories into the record. And Shero had to plead no contest to those lies if he ever wanted to get out of jail.

Most men in his position would have copped to the Kennedy assassination if it meant their freedom. Shero also had to give up his rights to a new trial, and any other appeals he may have wanted to file.

In return, the D.A. cut his sentence to time served. Shero will also have to be on probation for the next 10 years. And he will have to register with the state police as a sex offender as many as four times a year.

Even though he never touched a child. And he's already spent four years and six months and two weeks in jail for crimes he never committed.

When the prosecutor asked Shero if he understood the terms of his plea bargain, Shero replied, "I believe it's clear."

The judge also asked Shero if he understood the rights he was giving up.

"I'm good, ma'am, thank you," Shero replied.

For her part, the judge granted Shero a new trial under his PCRA petition, in exchange for Shero immediately taking the plea bargain offered by the D.A.'s office.

Judge Ceisler told Shero that his family was in the courtroom, including his father, Bob, his mother Bonnie, and his sister, Robin.

"They've been fighting for you for years," the judge said. She gave the defendant her "best wishes" as he embarked on "the next chapter" of his life.

"Good luck, Mr. Shero," the judge said as she ended the hearing. "Enjoy the rest of your summer," the judge told Shero's family.

After the hearing was over, Jeff Ogren, Shero's defense attorney, acknowledged that Shero was initially upset about having to plead no contest to anything. His position has always been that he's an innocent man.

But Ogren's position was simple: "If he [Shero] did nothing, he'd be coming out in a million years," Ogren said. He'd still be innocent, but he'd also be 66, after having spent the last 16 years in jail.

If he took the deal, he'd be out in a few days having a beer and a cheesesteak with his lawyer and his family.

Maybe even a few beers.

So they struck a deal so the D.A.'s office could still pretend that Danny Gallagher was a rape victim and that Rufus Seth Williams' self-described "historic" prosecution of the Catholic Church was legitimate.

Even though Danny Gallagher is a fraud, Rufus Seth Williams is a criminal on his way to hell, and his prosecution of the church is a certified witch hunt that put four innocent men in jail, and one of those men, the Rev. Charles Engelhardt, died there.

Truth may be a casualty. But Bernie Shero will soon be a free man.

In Philadelphia, this is what passes for justice.

If you're a prosecutor, it means you never have to say you're sorry. Even when they catch you putting a lying, scheming witness on the stand that you know is a fraud. A junkie criminal who was willing to invent one crazy story after another to keep his lying ass out of jail.

It's all about winning, trophy heads and headlines, and the truth be damned.

To close the circle of how justice is administered in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the city's corrupt paper of record, wasn't in the courtroom today when Shero was given his early release from jail.

Of course, the Inky was there at every stop on the judicial railroad in the past seven years, publishing 159 stories while Bernie Shero was being falsely accused, falsely indicted, falsely arrested, falsely tried, and falsely convicted.

Nice work, fellas
But when the corrupt D.A.'s office finally decided to let Shero out of jail early, the Inquirer was nowhere to be found.

The same Inquirer that ignored Detective Joe Walsh's 12-page affidavit. The same Inquirer that still calls Danny Gallagher "Billy Doe," and still pretends he's a victim of sex abuse.

As far as the prosecutors and their press agents at the Inquirer are concerned, it's the truth be damned. The lies live on.

Prosecutors aren't accountable for their crimes against justice. And neither is the Inquirer for their crimes against journalism.


  1. How long would he have been in jail with a trial that may have set him free and declared not guilty?

  2. Does that mean that Shero got anew trial to get those false rape allegations removed. If I were Governor, I would grant him a pardon and have Judge Ceisler removed from the bench, and have the ADA's license to practice law revoked for proposing such an asinine plea bargain a third world country would do. Wolf isn't better as democrats scratch other democrats asses.

    1. Are you talking about Tommy (the toothless) Wolf upon whose watch all of these travesties of justice occured? Truth be told, a pound puppy could have defeated the Corbett Cabal, and I think that is what you elected. Then you had Kathleen (Kitty Cat) Kane, whose curiosity got her entangled in a Frank Fina booby trap even after both Fina and Corbett threatened her. Now you have Josh (the weasel) Shapiro, who has learned from the Philly Cabal how to suborn perjury and manipulate the media to give any alleged "victim" a license to lie (which they use to the max) so that the whole happy family can partake in the fraud.

    2. You understand the AG is statutorily limited in what they can prosecute, right? And the governor has zero role in vriminal prosecutions?

  3. Shero should sue his Attorney for malpractice and collaborate with Ralph on a great expose that may help support his remaining years.

  4. Nope, he just gave up that right as well.

  5. Sounds like they caved in on the DA's deal before the probable election of Krasner to DA. Having a sex offender designation will complicate his efforts to live as well as find a job. Now, Lynn's case is coming up sooner than later. Had Lynne Abraham been chosen to be the interim DA, the outcome would be much different.

    1. No matter who the DA or acting DA would have been the outcome would have been the same, the prosecution can't admit defeat, nor can the Inky. They both have to win at all costs, even at the cost of a persons life or liberty.

    2. That's not true. Many prosecutors is other jurisdictions would act differently.

  6. Plus deal should have been time served, nothing more instead of being convicted of three charges of sex abuse that never happened along with an unnecessary designation of a sex offender Superior and Commonwealth courts need to review this egregious case and refer Judge Ceisler to ABA disciplinary committee.

    1. (1) He agreed to drop appeals so Superior Court won't get a chance - they can only address cases that are properly before them, (2) Commonwealth Court only hears administrative appeals, no criminal cases, and (3) as long as the facts support the plea and both sides are agreeing to it, there isn't anything more a judge can do.

  7. Ralph, as a hypothetical, if disgraced DA Williams would cooperate and provide testimony admitting a frame up of the "Clergy," would the City face litigation and damages, per plea agreement?

    Why wouldn't Williams want to cleanse his soul as an act of penance?

  8. Because Williams doesn't have a conscience. He may be a sociopath. Or the worse kind of liar who actually believes his own BS.

  9. This isn't particularly shocking as the new DA and the upcoming DA will both try to get out from the Williams era, and Judge Ceisler wants to get safely to Harrisburg. It's a shame, though. Hopefully Lynn will fare better.

    Ralph - who was the detective that DID believe Danny Gallagher? Was it Dougherty? It's unusual that there would be such a split between detectives.

  10. I don't see how any cop with a brain would have believed Danny Gallagher's nonsense. Some of those detectives might have seen which way the wind was blowing. But nobody believed Danny Gallagher. That's why his nonsensical story sat around the DA's office for a full year under Lynne Abraham.

    And then Seth Williams took over and he wanted to make a case against Msgr. Lynn. And only Danny Gallagher and Mark Bukowski's tall tales fell within the statute of limitations.

    So the ends justified the means.

    1. But the nonsense that Gallagher was peddling could only be believed by ideologies such as Mariana Sorensen. And, of course, the reporters and editors at the Inquirer.

  11. Ralph, thank you for your dogged and determined pursuit of the truth and exposure of a corrupt "justice" system. A word of caution to anyone living in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - if you expect the State to protect your Constitutional Rights, look elsewhere.

  12. Kudos to Shero's new lawyer who pressed the issue on the misconduct of the DA's office in this prosecution with Joe Walsh's recent testimony...Shame Shero had to accept those terms for crimes that were never committed in order to gain his freedom....but it does beat 11 1/2 years in a prison....

    Just shows you, even when the DA's shameful misconduct is clearly evident, as in this particular case, they can bargain their way out of harm's way with an offer of immediate release for time served....I don't blame Bernard Shero for taking this deal, but I find the ability of the totally corrupt former DA and former ADA's that fabricated this entire case against Shero, Engelhardt and Lynn including Rufus Seth Williams, Mariana Sorenson, Mark Cippoletti and Patrick Blessington to dodge prosecution for their crimes to be totally repugnant.....

    1. Perhaps this travesty of injustice could be Netflix's next mini-series? Titles might include: Above the Law, Justice Denied or Scapegoating 2.0...

    2. Or "Business as Usual for the Justice Department".

    3. Those involved in the DA's Office needs to be charged with defeating the ends of justice and unjust coercion and collusion in fraud.

  13. I'm sure a lot of Ralph's readers right now are scratching their heads thinking this is now the second individual who in short is admitting to the facts he did rape Billy Doe.

    Although Shero took a no contest plea or nolo contendere it has the same effect as a guilty plea. None of the felony charges that he was found guilty of will disappear and he will have have to register as a child sexual offender.

    His plea of no contest will allow him to get out of prison and avoid any other trials and avoid any civil proceedings but is that worth it for a so-called innocent man to go thru Life for ever labeled as a child molester. ? Once he registers with the police his photograph, address and all those charges will be there for all those to see who subscribe to the sex offender registry.

    I don't think the next chapters in his life will be a pleasant one and they should'nt. We all can only pray that he does not reoffend and put another child thru what Billy Doe had to endure.

    1. let's see Dennis, he should serve the remaining 11 1/2 years of his life in prison for a crime he didnt commit or roll the dice with the prospects with a new trial in the same corrupt Philly courts and perhaps end up with the same wrongful conviction that occurred the first time. So retired Detective Joe Walsh's sworn testimony that exculpatory evidence was withheld from those defense lawyers the first time around in those trials and ruled as "prosecutorial misconduct" by Judge Bright just a few months ago doesn't matter.

      perhaps the next chapter of his life won't be pleasant that's probably true. However, any man with common sense which obviously you don't seem to have by ridiculing his decision to accept this deal to avoid the 11 1/2 year balance of his jail term.

      and of course, you don't see the infinite wisdom of the DA to offer what appears to be a miraculous & totally unprecedented deal to Bernard Shero to avoid further scrutiny for the deliberate withholding of totally relevant evidence in the matter of DANNY GALLAGHER vs those innocent defendants...

      He'll be free, able to breathe outside of those prison walls for the rest of his life.....good for him, he shouldn't have been in that prison in the first place...

    2. he's free numbnuts....

      all that counts

      and it's on the record per Judge Bright that the District Attorney's office in this city committed prosecutorial misconduct in these alleged sexual abuse cases involving Danny Gallagher...

      maybe one of those Republican newly appointed federal prosecutors will dig into this travesty of justice down the road and bring those innocent men some justice...

      meanwhile Bernard Shero can eat and sleep in his own home for the first time in 4 1/2 years....that's a win in my book...bigtime..
      Bernard, enjoy the cheesesteak with fries.....

  14. Dennis, welcome back. Hope you're well.

    Sadly, your sympathies are misplaced here. If the mountain of evidence presented on this blog and Joe Walsh coming forward didn't prove to you that Billy is a fraud, well, I'd have to conclude your mind is closed.

    The Shero family has been victimized here, not Danny Gallagher. They have spent nearly every cent they had and suffered through years of hardship all over false charges. But you probably can't allow yourself to see that.

    Seth Williams is in jail; even Judge Ceisler seemed to recognize her mistake here. But we all know you're hard core.

  15. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a damn duck.

    If you plead guilty to raping a child (Avery) or admit to the facts of raping a child (Shero) your a child molester.

    1. Dennis - If I were you I wouldn't be so smug and make these nasty comments.

      It wasn't that long ago that you were posting on the 'Super Repressed Memory' Blog (C4C) that you yourself were in trouble. Remember???

      Your repetitive, vindictive and asinine comments remind me of a scene in the Godfather where Michael Corleone said that Hyman Roth had been dying from the same heart attack for the last 20 years.

      BTW - Laura probably doesn't read this site - she's moved on!

  16. Yes, in your mind, I'm sure that's how it works.

    But when was the last time you heard of a D.A. letting a convicted child rapist out of jail 11 /2 years early? Lawyers I've talked to say they've never heard of that happening before.

    Think Detective Walsh started something over at the D.A.'s office? No, you probably don't. But the rest of us can figure out something is up.

    1. Excellent point. If Shero was actually guilty, it would be political suicide for the DA to offer this "deal" and for the judge to accept it.

  17. Ralph, you are responsible for getting this man out of jail as well, excellent work, this is a good day for you and everyone who followed this story. Hopefully we will see more of this type of turnaround from the DA's office without the no contest plea part.

    Thank you for your work, imagine if the Inky did this kind of investigative reporting instead of promoting the prosecutions side, defendants might actually have a chance in a courtroom and the prosecution would know that they could be exposed for their lies, but they are safe in the Inkys hands, no chance of a prosecutor having to worry while the Inky is in charge of warming up the jury.

    1. This blog would perform a great service if they polled all parties invested in great journalism as who would support a class action suit against a once great and respected news organization.

      Energy should be invested in marching and bringing down these corrupt and lying scumbags that pose as journalists and guardians of the 4th Estate.
      There are plenty of villains at 8th and Market that could fill a cattle car faster than the marching lemmings in the street.

  18. Yes, the Inky is a prosecutor's best friend. By ignoring the Detective Walsh comes forward story, and ignoring the Bernard Shero gets out of jail 11 1/2 years early story, the Inky is protecting the prosecutors. Even a guy like Seth Williams who's sitting in solitary confinement right now.

    When I went to Journalism School, we were taught our job is to hold everyone accountable. But over at the Inky, prosecutors are an exception, along with some favored politicians and pet causes.

  19. We all applaud your effort to expose the Inquirer for its lies and bias.

    The success you have experienced against the Inquirer in the past, should continue to inspire your efforts to bring their brass to face the same consequences as Williams.

    Why can't a class action suit be mounted against them and let the courts decide the merits of whether this corrupt and criminal news organization colluded with the "sociopath" Williams to make a case to fit "their narrative."

  20. Can the best of the best help Shero get a unjust sex offender designation along with the three rape charges out of his record due to the plea bargain which reeks of extortion in getting to leave jail?

  21. When he took the deal, in exchange for his freedom now, he gave up all rights to appeal.

  22. You question the decision of the DA's office for allowing a rapist out of jail 11 years early all because they feared what this savior Det. Walsh may have said during the retrial. But you must let the record show Shero did not have a gun to his head to take this no contest plea. If his attorney had as much faith in this Det. Walsh as you do Shero could have stayed in prison wait for his retrial and fought for his freedom and set the record straight he is a innocent man. Instead he took a deal that got him out of prison, givin 10 years probation with God knows with what restrictions, and must register as a sex offender forever how long. 5 years, 10 years, or even Life.

    I must say with this most recent turn of events this only increases my faith in Billy Doe that he did tell the truth and this Det. Walsh was going to be no help to the defense.

    1. he's walking out of prison if he already hasn't done so by now, good for him...he will breathe the same fresh air you breathe in the comfort of his own home....that's called freedom.....

      and it's still public record, after Detective Joe Walsh's startling testimony earlier this year, per Judge Wright ruling that the prosecutor's office committed prosecutorial misconduct in these abuse cases.....obviously, you missed that point.....

      those are the most recent known facts in the case of Bernard Shero vs the commonwealth that really matter........perhaps the feds might need to take a close glance at this case.....anything is possible....

      and this I know is true, if that convicted extortionist and thief, Rufus Seth Williams were still in office, his arrogance wouldn't have allowed him to make this deal .......

      as I've said, good for Bernard Shero...welcome home....enjoy your freedom.....

    2. Common sense tells you he'd be a fool not to take 11 1/2 years off his prison sentence...

      and I'm sure his God knows he didn't assault Danny Gallagher and he's the ultimate judge of Bernard Shero, not you, not me nor the court of public opinion...

      he'll be able to sleep a free prison, no guards, no 5 1/2 hour car rides for his family to pay a short visit a handful of times a month...

      Billy Doe is a myth Dennis, and the so called story you've told about your alleged abuse is nothing but a myth...

      Ralph, great job on keeping your focus on the truth in the matter of one Danny Gallagher, the lying and thieving drug addict & drug dealing son of Sheila and James Gallagher ...he'll get his someday....inevitable....

    3. ....and how free do you really think he will be ? I don't know the requirements of his probation and maybe Ralph can shed some light on this subject but minus the bars and the guards he still will be told where he can live and not live such as in areas of schools or Day cares. I'm sure his career in teaching is over, and he may have been told he cannot be around any minors at all including family members, and going by what Ralph has written here about him having to register as a sex offender 4 times a year he is being treated as a violent sexual offender but that is not surprising since the felony involuntary deviate sexual imtercourse would carry that precaution. He may not even be allowed to have a beer with that steak sandwich.

      Now does this sound like a life of truly a free man ? Does this sound like the life of a truly innocent man would agree to live ?

      What truly is a myth though is the help this Det. Walsh could have done, those 20 factual errors Ralph repeatedly preached about, corrupt jurors, corrupt judges and since it has been mentioned here a corrupt newspaper.

    4. While in prison Shero was evaluated and declared to not be a violent sexual offender, so that's not applicable.

      He'll never be free but he won't be in jail.

  23. Amazing what you can do with a contrary set of facts.

    Shero did have a gun to his head. He's 54, he's been in jail for four and a half years. Even though he won a new trial, the DA could have contested that, and he'd have sat in jail for another year waiting out tha tap peal, and then probably another year waiting for a trial.

    In addition, his family has spent nearly everything they had. Did they have the resources for another couple years of litigation? I doubt it. Most normal people don't.

    The system wins. And the system is corrupt. The only person who still believes in Billy is you. Even the corrupt ideologues at SNAP have long ago abandoned Billy. It's a fairy tale that you cling to. While the evidence of the destruction wrought by the lies in this case is clearly seen.

    If you're not blind.

  24. The Inky weighs on the Shero story with an AP brief:

  25. The brief was was expanded to a real story that actually credited big with breaking the story.

  26. Not a very good article since it has left out the fact Shero will have a felony record for Deviant sexual intercourse and other charges and must register as a sex offender. But that will change once his photo, home address and address of employment along with the convictions are plastered all over the internet for all to see.

    1. Dennis - Laura probably doesn't read this blog.

  27. Don't you think if anyone would know the answer to your statement would be me ? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  28. Lets not leave out the criminally corrupt and morally bankrupt puppet master of Rufus Seth Williams who ran that office into the ground and freed hundreds of convicted violent drug dealers thereby reeking havoc on the innocent citizens of this city. Yes Ed McCann, that would be you, you will burn in hell for your crimes and the shadows of the innocent victims who have been traumatized and killed because of your corruption will haunt you now and after this life. You are also guilty in this case of sending innocent men to prison and your soul will pay for the death of Reverend Engelhardt. Your time is coming McCann. Running from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office will not save you from your sins. McCann, have you confessed your crimes to Steele yet. I guess not since he is still employing you.

  29. Mr. Anonymous is on to something here. McCann has pulled the no comment approach to explaining his actions while our next DA, Larry Krasner, the man behind the emancipation of the drug dealers, is marching down Broad Street with his fellow activists.

  30. I have a theory, we are working under the assumption that the reporters at the Inquirer know what we know, that they have all the facts of a particular case in hand when making a decision to condemn a defendant.

    What if the prosecution keeps them, as well as the public, in the dark about true and accurate facts, what else would the have to go on ? If a jury and judge can be swayed so can reporters.

    I believe they are ignorant of the facts,as they do not attend trials for the entire duration, sending a reporter in for a miniscule amount of time on each trial does not allow time for all the facts to be disclosed, I think I can understand how they are not getting this right.

    They are still under the impression that the prosecution speaks the truth at all times and in all instances.

    What I do not understand is how after the facts have come to light, that reporters do not correct the outcome for the public. Especially since it has been proven beyond doubt that Seth Williams worked to benefit himself in his person life as well as in his public career. This turn of events should have the paper considering if the direction they have always taken, to side with the prosecution, is the right way to go.

    Someone there has to say to themselves that they have been partially responsible for sending innocents to jail without asking questions of both sides on an issue.

    Removing statues is the talk of the day , what is needed is to remove the barriers between the Inquirer and defendants and the Inquirer and the public. Having the only paper in the region taking sides is damaging to defendants and communities.

  31. Thanks, Ralph your commitment to truth and justice is a profile in courage.

  32. Ralph, Thank you, you commitment to truth and justice is a profile in courage.

  33. You must be such a mental midget ! Your boy left prison a convicted child molester. Thank God for the sex offender registry. This way the public especially children will be aware of this predators whereabouts so they can protect their children from him. Whether it is Bristol, Bucks or Philadelphia county or even the state of Alaska the public will know who he is and what he has been convicted of.

    P.S. If Laura has moved on then who is this beautiful, bright woman sitting next to me who is laughing at you right now ?

    1. Dennis - in your dreams :-)

    2. a blow up doll I am certain

  34. Can we check to see if Dennis Ecker is on the registry ?

  35. You have to love this comment Judy Jones posted on the Bucks County Courier Times site under their posting of the AP article. When will she get it, there is no one to come forward!

    The article mentions nothing about the terms Mr. Shero needs to follow....

    Let's hope that anyone who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Bernard Shero will find the courage to come forward and contact law enforcement no matter how long ago it happened. Help expose the truth and therefore protect kids today.
    Judy Jones, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

    1. I thought Ralph said SNAP abandoned the Billy Doe reporting of his abuse by Bernard Shero.


    2. That's not what I said, Denny. I said they had basically abandoned the boy; haven't uttered a word of support for him in years.

  36. Is there an organization for people who have been abused by prosecutors or FBI agents ? It seems like no one, who reads the Inquirer believes there is any abuse at their hands. Can we consider ourselves survivors when our lives are irreparably damaged and no one is there to stand up for us because the prosecution, we are told, never lies. We could start our own chapter here in Philadelphia as prosecutorial misconduct is rampant.
    SNAP ( Survivors Network of those Abused by Prosecutors )

    1. Great idea. A couple of class actions should do the trick.

  37. You know I think the Inquirer caters to the Dennis Eckers of the world.


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