Saturday, August 5, 2017

Feds Highlight Murder Talk In Merlino Tape

"Leave the gun . . . "
By George Anastasia

It was just a couple of guys talking . . . about how to commit a murder.

And the feds got to listen in.

Snippets of a conversation recorded by a cooperating witness show Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino and Eugene "Rooster" Onofrio casually discussing how to whack somebody.

"It's easy to kill somebody," said Merlino, according to a tape cited in a recent filing by federal prosecutors in a case against Merlino and Onofrio that is winding its way toward trial in New York.

"It's simple," said the New York wiseguy.

"You're my friend," Merlino said, picking up the conversation as cooperator John "JR" Rubeo listened and the body wire he was wearing for the FBI picked up every word. "You trust me. I tell you, 'Listen, drive me home right now.' Get you in the car. I shoot you in the fuckin' head and it's over."

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  1. The feds got a lot of tapes on this clown. Skinny Joey Merlino is going to jail! This is just the beginning!

  2. The feds in Philadelphia are going to indict him next. This moron was talking about hits in Philly.

  3. I told you the feds in New York has a big surprise for skinny Joey! You didn't see nothing yet.

  4. I am frustrated. I am trying to submit a tip to you all but don't want to leave it in the comments.

  5. George A. The feds are building a case against Joey Merlino in Philadelphia. Skinny Joey Merlino is a bragger! He's going to bring everyone down.

  6. Murder Rico indictments are coming!

  7. All these nitwits brag everything they do they brag about it!,,,

  8. Mr. Joseph Merlino is a fraud.

  9. Bunch of losers!!!! Go get a full time job like the rest of us ya bums!!

  10. In my opinion:

    These Italian wise guys are chump change. Their stories are just something sweet but small to chew on for the ignorant public. Notice how the media won't even touch the Jewish and "Christian" Zionist mafia guys/girls?

    Josh Shapiro, Governor Tom(Rohlman)Wolf, Risa Ferman, Judge Wendy Dumbchick-Alloy, Michael Bloomberg, Frank "Frein Farce" Noonan, Mike"Jewish Cemetery"Pence, and Donald "I love Israel" Trump----These thugs are hiding in plain sight with no media exploration of what their illegal agendas actually are. Sure, the media hammers Trump, but only falsely portraying him as the bumbling nationalist that accuses Jews of hate crimes against themselves. What an act, Trump's entire family is Jewish and he kisses tail in Israel while gaslighting his own countrymen.

    These aforementioned people are just a small part of the real cancer within our democracy. But the Jewish-owned mainstream media continues to portray them as "America first" people.

  11. Joey Merlino is on a 5 million dollar bail with a bracelet around his ankle he gets to go travel everywhere something's up!

  12. All theses clowns are just Street Corner guys!

    1. Yep they are. But Rudy Giuliani is one of the big fish. But no, he was portrayed by our complicit media as "America's Mayor". What a joke, the man is clearly a cross-dressing, raving lunatic that french kissed Donald Trump! I guess he was showing his lustful support because he knew of the plan to force Trump into the White House.

  13. Skinny's going to jail! I don't see him driving the white Rolls anymore! Oh I forgot it's not his.

  14. These guys are far from being a mob!

  15. Hi I'm from New York there's no way these guys are gangsters!


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